Meagre Martin

Meagre Martin


25. April,

artheater Saal

Berlin-based songwriter-turned-trio Meagre Martin was founded in the summer of 2021 by the African-American  musician and songwriter Sarah Martin (guitar, she/her) and quickly joined by Federico „Freddy" Corazzini (drums, he/him) and Max Hirtz-Wolf (bass, he/him). Blending together elements of lo-fi and new-Americana, Meagre Martin is a culmination of experience rooted in healing, through lyricism that gives nostalgia new layers and harnesses the power of grief. Their forthcoming debut GUT PUNCH (out  November 10th via Mansions and  Millions) create a sound inspired by shoegaze, 90’s indie, or 'faux country,' as the band calls it, and juxtaposes these beautifully light soundscapes with lyrics that belie the sweetness of the sound with their vulnerability and depth. Although Meagre Martin is a relatively new presence in the Berlin indie scene, they've already made a big impact, performing at shows all over the city.  The band is now poised to broaden their reach beyond Berlin, with  upcoming shows all over Europe and their US live debut opening for Alt-J this winter.