Mariama Jalloh

Mariama Jalloh

mari.ama embodies Afropoean culture with roots spreading across Sierra Leone, Guinea, Germany, France, Czech Republic and Norway - a blend of influences that resonates through her music. Fulani nomad by heritage, she weaves melodic trails from the urban landscapes of Freetown, Cologne, Paris and Berlin, leaving a fusion of folk, soul, pop, beats, and West African instruments in her wake.
Embracing the notion that home can be found between worlds, mari.ama forges her own sonic realm where Afrodiasporic and Western sounds serve as vessels for stories of depth and lightness.

Alongside her musical endeavors, mari.ama is deeply committed to working towards a more diverse and inclusive cultural landscape. In 2021 she co-founded the Berlin-based fem*ergy collective, a community building project of fem* artists, sharing resources and championing diversity and inclusivity within the cultural landscape.

These efforts extend to her role as a speaker on the advisory board of the newly established pop Board NRW. In 2022, she curated the vagabond pop-up festival, ATMOSPHÈRE, and in 2023, she embarked on a new venture, founding her own publishing, booking agency and label, the Heart.Work, breathing life into her artistic vision.

In addition, mari.ama is an engaging presenter who is passionate about meaningful discussions on social, cultural and societal issues. She started with contributions for WDRforyou and recently moderated the conference "Intercultural Cologne". She has also been active as a panellist at events such as the Autumn Meeting of German Media Women and at c/o pop music convention. mari.ama appreciates the opportunity to bring her passion for relevant issues to these occasions.

From late spring 2024 a series of single releases will reveal her latest recordings and collaborations leading up to her her new album, SPRPWR.

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