Gesine Schönrock

Gesine Schönrock

Gesine Schönrock has been active in the national and international electronic music scene for many years. She has been working at the Cologne-based label/distributor/publisher/shop Kompakt since 2000 and has helped build up various departments here from the very beginning. She has been head of digital distribution since 2015.

You can often meet her at various events - be it concerts/parties or exhibitions at home and abroad. Gesine was co-organiser of Halle Deutz Air, then Fritz Schramma Halle in Cologne Deutz from 2005-2011. She also plans events independently of location with her husband Jens-Uwe Beyer (Popnoname), with whom she has also been running the PNN label since 2012.

She has given workshops for the Institute for Sound Research in Offenburg and the Sinee Institute in Cologne - including on the topic of "Founding and running a music label".

Gesine has been a member of the Cologne Pop Culture Advisory Board since the beginning of 2021.