too many tabs – the live Podcast

too many tabs – the live Podcast


April 25, 13:30–14:15

Pattenhalle - Bühne 1

Carolin Worbs and Miguel Robitzky are like apnoea diving champions on the internet: They can sink insanely deep into the web for an insanely long time without an external oxygen supply. As authors for ZDF Magazin Royale, the two click from one fact to the next and enter new worlds in a nocturnal research frenzy. Inspired by forgotten documentaries on YouTube, bizarre rumours on Twitter or Instastories of aged pop stars, they regularly have too many tabs open. So as not to completely lose track, Caro and Miguel close their tabs together every week in the podcast "too many tabs" and chat extensively about their internet finds - this time even live on the TINCON stage in Cologne!

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