Redfield Podcast

Redfield Podcast


April 25, 13:30–14:30


Alexander Schröder is the managing director and owner of Redfield Records. In this format, he talks to inspiring creators and experienced experts from the music industry as well as creative friends from the Redfield network. He sheds light on careers, success models and questions current topics relating to marketing, promotion, booking, management and artist development, providing new stories, background information and insights from the music business every week!

At the c/o pop Convention 2024, Alexander Schröder talks to guest Ralf Diemert. He founded the booking agency for performing arts von der haardt in 2018. In the Redfield Podcast, they talk about his eventful career, which began as a DIY booker at his first agency 2fortheroad, led to positions at Warner Music / Neuland to Landstreicher and Selective Artist and back to self-employment.