Recognising right-wing symbols on TikTok

Recognising right-wing symbols on TikTok


April 25, 10:45–11:15

Pattenhalle - Bühne 2

Runes and swear words are easy to recognize as right-wing extremist - but what does the right-wing scene do when these direct recognition features are filtered out by algorithms? Then they use phrases like "Never Lose Your Smile", for example. Because would you have known that this saying is not just a cheesy wall tattoo, but also right-wing code? Or could you recognize right-wing symbols in profile pictures on TikTok?

You can find out in Susi's (@keine.erinnerungskultur) quiz. Susi educates on TikTok about the Holocaust and historical National Socialism, but also about today's right-wing extremist movements and symbolism. After this talk, you will know which combinations of numbers, letters and emojis you should steer clear of on the internet.

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