QUEER FU24BA7L – Diversität und Vielfalt im Fußball

QUEER FU24BA7L – Diversität und Vielfalt im Fußball


April 26, 14:00–15:15

Pattenhalle - Bühne 1

Queerness in soccer plays a very special role in the FU24BA7L program and is told from different perspectives in various program items. In the "QUEER FU24BA/L" panel, we will give a voice to people who have already shown that being queer in soccer is possible. We will also talk about coming out, traditional masculinity, patriarchal structures and the current state of diversity research in sport.

Klaus Theweleit (author, member of the PEN Center Germany and the German Academy for Football Culture)

Prof. Dr. Bettina Rulofs (Professor of Diversity Research in Sport at the German Sport University Cologne, Institute for Sociology and Gender Research)

Pascal Kaiser (referee and co-initiator of Sports Free - Coming out in professional sport)

Lara Schauland (political scientist and author on the topics of men's and women's soccer, fan culture and diversity)

Moderation: Fabian Grischkat

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