Merch makes the difference – How to make money with merch?

Merch makes the difference – How to make money with merch?


April 26, 15:30–16:30


Merchandising is a crucial component in the income portfolio of artists, especially given the declining sales of physical recordings and the predominantly poor earnings from streaming for most artists. According to a report by the US platform atVenu, artists earned on average nine times more per performance from merchandise sales in 2022 compared to their annual streaming revenues. Selling merchandise on tour and online thus provides artists with an effective way to generate additional income and strengthen their relationship with fans.

A successful merchandising concept requires perfect alignment of products - both offline and online, a good and clear layout is crucial for success. Sustainable and high-quality merch items not only contribute to a positive image but also justify higher selling prices.

Our experts will inform you about the successful and profitable implementation of merchandising, the important aspects of production, selling merch on tours domestically and internationally, and in the online store, as well as the current status of merch cuts.

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