Getting crazy? – Doing Everything Yourself

Getting crazy? – Doing Everything Yourself


April 26, 13:15–14:15

Herbrand's Bahnhaus

Getting Crazy? - Doing Everything YourselfThe workshop is about the worries and hardships, but also the knowledge and desire of lone fighters who are doing crazy work for the music business on a broad basis, away from the corporations and established companies. Starting out as a label founder or manager is quickly and insidiously joined by event series, booking, publishing, DJ appearances, working as a video director and lyricist and press work, not to mention bookkeeping. The workshop tries to elaborate on the individual disciplines and discuss the basics, taking a close look at the two essential points of professionalization, namely: monetization and exhaustion. Due to the constant change in music processes and the increasingly fragmented and complex music value chain, including streaming, distribution and the legal situation, Gema, GVL, YouTube and the like, the situation has become even more confusing for our individual artists.

Wanting to do more and taking care of yourself; somewhere between Getting Started and Getting Crazy. Sharing ideas with each other is immensely important.

Getting Crazy? - Doing Everything Yourself - an idea by two Berlin-based musicians from two different generations: Henrietta Bauer started her own business in 2022, after studying and working for a label, with What Is Happening? I Feel It Everywhere GmbH. She runs the label Bretford Records, an accompanying publishing house, an agency and organizes events. So far, she has done everything single-handedly. She manages the bands Chuckamuck and Die Verlierer and is a board member of VUT and its European umbrella organization IMPALA.

Daniel Meteo is co-owner/founder of Random Noize Musick and Random Musick Publishing (both GmbHs), which take care of artists like Anika, Apparat, Moderat, DJj Koze, toechter or Pilocka Krach and has been manager and agent for Sascha Ring aka Apparat for 20 years. He was also there at the first c/o pop and got to know Ralph Christoph as booker of Maria am Ostbahnhof.

This session is part of NEW TALENT. NEW TALENT takes place in cooperation with popNRW, VUT West and the c/o pop Convention.