Fake news on TikTok go viral?

Fake news on TikTok go viral?


April 25, 10:00–10:30

Pattenhalle - Bühne 1

The Eiffel Tower has burnt down and soon it will cost to get a sick note from the doctor? Videos claiming this reach millions of people on TikTok. But this is fake news - none of it is true! And yet such videos go viral!

A different sound, a new caption or a false context - disseminators of fake news use the platform skilfully and know what the algorithm wants to see. TikTok itself can barely keep up with the fight against such disinformation. Surely there must be something that can be done? After all, TikTok has a huge number of users and cool content that we all celebrate! So does journalism need to rethink its role in the age of TikTok? How can journalistic formats work on the platform? How can users themselves become fact-checkers?

In an interactive talk, Luisa and Lara from CORRECTIV's Reporter Factory explain fake news and show what users can look out for to expose disinformation themselves. They also talk about the important role of journalism on the platform.

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