Das Independent Label der Zukunft

Das Independent Label der Zukunft


April 25, 13:00–14:30


Running an independent label - does it still make sense in an increasingly difficult environment for newcomers and niche artists? Spotify is cutting revenues and reach, expensive vinyl pressings are coming up against dwindling distribution revenues. On social media, theoretical potential meets TikTok reality and completely saturated markets and users with short attention spans. In a constantly growing overall market, sales are concentrated more than ever in the majors and mainstream themes, while many independent labels are running out of steam. How can an independent label be run in a commercially stable manner beyond a hobby these days? What can a sustainable concept and a new idea of a label look like?

The session will present special concepts and best practices, but will also shed light on the reality of running an indie label. Anton Teichmann (Mansions&MIllions, A-Okay), Lina Burghausen (365xx, Mona Lina) and Fab Schuetze (Low Budget High Spirit, Golden Rules) will discuss.