#booktok – Why reading is cool (again)!

#booktok – Why reading is cool (again)!


April 25, 12:30–13:15

Pattenhalle - Bühne 1

Dark Academia, Silent Book Reviews and Fourth Wing. If all these terms mean something to you, you not only enjoy reading, but also definitely hang out on TikTok a lot.

Because what used to be Harry Potter reading events or book blogs now takes place in the "BookTok" bubble.

On "BookTok" you can find book tips ("Top Reads") and recommendations ("Book Reviews"), inspiration for your bookshelf (sort by author, genre or colour?) and heated discussions about how the most popular fantasy book series will continue ("What will happen to Violet and Xaden?"). And because it is so successful, even large bookshops and publishers are now creating content on TikTok.

Who would have thought that the internet, of all things, which was recently blamed for young people's frustration with reading, would turn the love of reading into hype?

At this panel at TINCON Cologne, author Inka, bookseller Kaspar and content creator Tabea talk about why BookTok inspires young people to read, why fantasy and romance books in particular are so popular and which books they would never have discovered without TikTok.

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