Ausstellung 'Kicker, Kämpfer, Legenden. Juden im deutschen Fußball'

Ausstellung 'Kicker, Kämpfer, Legenden. Juden im deutschen Fußball'


April 26, 10:00–18:00

Pattenhalle - Bühne 1

The exhibition focuses on the importance of Jews in German soccer. Jewish footballers, coaches, journalists and officials made soccer popular in Germany. They were pioneers of German soccer. They were acclaimed, revered and respected and were regarded as role models in terms of the sporting concept of fair play. Their revolutionary visions and methods set standards that shaped German soccer for a long time. For example, when FC Bayern Munich won the German championship title for the first time in 1932, the Jewish club president Kurt Landauer and the Jewish coach Richard "Little" Dombi were also celebrated as heroes in Munich.

Their successful careers came to an abrupt end in 1933. The National Socialists had Jewish athletes, coaches and officials ostracized and excluded from the clubs. Until November 10, 1938, Jews were only allowed to play in Jewish clubs. After that, all sports activities were banned for them. They shared the fate of all European Jews, were persecuted and in some cases murdered in concentration camps. The exhibition thus reflects the fate of Jewish footballers.

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