Young Yosef

Young Yosef

c/o Ehrenfeld

Sonntag 05.05

50825 Cologne

Showtime: 16:00 - 16:45
Eintritt frei

Draped in a funk nostalgia, Berlin five-piece Young Yosef preview their debut LP.
Harking back to the iconic all-night parties in the Studio 54 golden age, the group are injecting a healthy dose of glitter and spandex into the Berlin scene. Whilst, growing up in South East Israel, the group bonded over a joint love for all things creative, spending their formative years experimenting with bedroom recordings, visual art and acting; creating the basis for what is now Young Yosef. Their tight-knit bond was formed whilst touring together with dozens of bands and living under the same roof, and has resulted in a charismatic and witty project that exudes spirit and enjoyment. Besides the fun and the infectious funky lines, Young Yosef‘ can also be viewed as an attempt to redefine masculinity.

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