House of Saint Laurent Session

House of Saint Laurent Session

Sonntag 26.04

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The House was originally founded as the first German House - the House of Melody (2012 -2019) by the German Pioneer of Ballroom, Georgina Philp aka Leo. Since July 2019 the House of Melody has transformed and joined forces with the Iconic House of Saint Laurent (founded 1982 in NYC), representing the international Chapter under the leadership of the European Mother Leo Saint Laurent.
Through steady work and community building in the last 7 years Mother Leo & the House have made their mark as the leading force for Ballroom/Vogue culture within Germany. This foundation work has created a artistic and self expressive community from NRW, to Hamburg to Berlin which keeps growing. In the name of this Iconic House the collective will continue their work within Ballroom, focusing on exchange with the international Scene, as well as going beyond the artistic output with focus on the educational events that go deeper into the structure and social component of Ballroom culture. A need for more spaces, places and events with and for the LGBTQ and POC community is reflected in the worldwide renaissance of this American underground culture.

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