DJ Money

DJ Money

Freitag 03.05

Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld
Venloer Str. 429
50825 Cologne

Showtime: 23:00 - 06:00
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Dj Money has been playing electronic dance music in clubs for more than 12 years now, constantly moving between Berlin and Cologne. As a member of the trio Aroma Pitch DJ Money got familiar with creative processes as a musician and developed a deep understanding and passion for club culture in the following years. The project has been professionalized by running an own label and playing international shows as a live act and DJ trio. After moving to Berlin Money co-founded the monthly event series Cologne Sessions which presents a fine tuned diverse program of international and local electronic dance music in over 100 editions until today. In addition he started to work as a booker for Studio 672 in Cologne and participate in the musical direction and realization of the experimental music festival Night of Surprise. In Berlin he takes part as a promoter and musician of the Equations Collective which presents improvised electronic music allnighters at the club OHM.

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