Deep Glaze

Deep Glaze

c/o Ehrenfeld

Samstag 04.05

Laden 1/3
Herbrandstraße 7
50825 Cologne

Showtime: 19:30 - 20:15
Eintritt frei

Deep Glaze is a young greek-hungarian fuzz band creating music with mixing both alternative and classical rock musical elements. The strength of the group comes from the originality of writing their own music. They have a unique dirty full-stack sound and an overwhelming live presence on stage. In 2017, they were chosen by The Black Lips as support band at their A38 Ship gig. This year, they had their first international tour in Russia, where they packed the famous IONOTEKA of St. Petersburg, or Zvezda Klub in Samara. They were also picked by the curators of Moscow Music Week. In 2019 you can catch them
in Berlin, Tallinn, Ljubljana and sure some new Russian cities will be added to their club-tour
also. Exploring new sounds, blending different musical genres together makes up the unique
world of the group.

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