BÄNG! sex education for grown ups

BÄNG! sex education for grown ups

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Cumming presents: BÄNG! sex education for grown ups

It's 2020 and most of us consider ourselves well-informed and open-minded when it comes to sex. The truth is - we're really not.
So many aspects of our sexuality are still taboo. We can easily chat about the last date we went on, but we are uncomfortable telling people that we masturbated yesterday.

We will happily go into a technology store to check out the latest laptops or smartphones, yet we are embarrased to go into a sex shop and ask for information about the different types of sex toys on offer. Instead, we order them online, in unbranded boxes, from companies selling "printing supplies". We tell ourselves that we know everything about the female anatomy - but do we really? I mean, r e a l l y. The clitoris is the most crazily sensitive organ (which exists purely for pleasure btw, how great is that?) - but what do we actually know about it? You heard about the g-spot, but wait, did you know that you can find it in all bodies, male included? What did we learn at school? What did we learn from our parents? What did we learn from porn? What did all of those things teach us about pleasure, communication and consent? What did we learn about gender identity and sexual orientation?

Let's face it - our sources of sex education have failed us. So, together we want to create a comfortable and welcoming space in which we are able to discuss the things that we were always too awkward and uncomfortable to ask, and to ponder why nobody has told us yet that the hymen DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST!!!
Let’s be honest – there's always more to learn.

Please keep in mind that if you already know a lot about these subjects, you may want leave your spot free for someone else who is not that well informed. The registration will be limited to 25 people so that we can create a safer and intimate space.

You can sign-up here: https://www.universe.com/embed2/events/bang-sex-ed-for-grown-ups-tickets-W3147T

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