Adam Naas

Adam Naas

c/o Ehrenfeld

Sonntag 05.05

Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld
Venloer Str. 429
50825 Cologne

Showtime: 20:00 - 21:00
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Ever since his first EP, Adam Naas has imposed the devastating beauty of his soul man voice. Only 26 years old and the young French man has confirmed on stage how powerful his voice is, capable to embrace everyone’s senses, even the toughest ones. But this is actually when in studio that he paved his way for his intimate soul pop, formidably sensual, romantic and luminous. The outcome: The Love Abum is a pure shot of love. « Let’s hope that spermatozoon and ovum do meet when listening to it », he says, very amused. The Love Album reaches this seventh heaven quite easily, thanks to languishing ballads and soft vocal lines.
But this first opus is not only designed to make love, even if it achieves this quite perfectly, who could resist to those erotic rhythms of « I Want To Get You Close To Me » or to the sensual provocations of « The Love? ». Love is unveiled in various forms: call for self-acceptance (the up-tempo of the track « Cherry Lipstick »), jubilation
when eventually meeting one’s soul mate (« When You’re Holding Me »), love and hate making you wish someone’s close death (“Eternity”). “Love and hate are two feelings that complete and arouse each other... It can be destructive, emotionally as well as physically”, comments the young French man who doesn’t fear to directly attack the tragedy of domestic violence on “He’s Gonna Kill Me”.

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