Meet Ukrainians

Meet Ukrainians

Meet Ukrainians

Reception - Open for all Delegates

29. April,

Networking @
Bumann & Sohn

The Ukrainian delegation is joining c/o pop festival this year and can’t wait to meet you! Make sure to save the date on April, 29th and get acquainted with Ukrainian industry professionals and emerging artists. Nice beverages and snacks included! It’s been a tough year of the full-scale war for us, but the music scene keeps on working and we surely have a lot of mind-blowing things to tell. We’re here to answer all your questions, share experiences and just have a great time out. After the reception you'll have a chance to enjoy unique Ukrainian acts, so don't forget to add Kurs Valut, Disappeared Completely and KEBU to your festival schedule.

The reception takes place as a part of the Extra Sound programme by the Ukrainian Institute organized in partnership with Music Export Ukraine, Goethe Institute and Open Society Foundations.

Open For All Delegates.

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