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My Ugly Clementine
Fri 23 04, 20:45

My Ugly Clementine

©Leni Renard

Supported by Austrian Music Export.

This supergroup from Vienna is really serious about one thing: having fun! MY UGLY CLEMENTINE create a more than contemporary dusting of guitar with vitamin-rich borrowings from the 90s indie/college rock era. A post-punk approach here, irresistible pop hooks there, strong, serious messages - and still a sing-along chorus and a smile on the lips.

The founding story alone contributes to the creation of the legend: On Valentine's Day (sic!) 2019, a mere picture of the newly assembled foursome on social media is enough to create an initial wave of excitement - because the personnel is well known: Sophie Lindinger (Leyya) as mastermind has fulfilled the long-cherished wish to work together with musicians* she holds in high esteem - and so Mira Lu Kovacs (5K HD, Schmieds Puls) stands next to her on guitar, for example. Kathrin Kolleritsch, who just made headlines with her queer-feminist rap solo project KEROSIN95, joins her on drums and vocals.

The "supergroup" was ready, which in the meantime, supplemented by Nastasja Ronck (Lucid Kid), plays the stages far beyond the country's borders. Until today there is no "front person" - the vocals are changed and distributed according to the all-star principle.

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