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Malugi b2b ferrari rot
Fri 23 04, 22:00

Malugi b2b ferrari rot

Malugi's idiosyncratic approach to dance music has come a long way: Risen to fame within the Cologne scene, he became a household name in his hometown over night, playing venues that he was yet to access legally. First steps as a DJ were soon followed by explorations into music production, which subsequently lead him to Berlin to pursue studies in audio design. A six months hiatus in New York finally helped him overcome his internalized pop-phobia, allowing him to rigorously experiment with a multitude of musical ideas and influences.

ferrari rot is the co-founder of Berlin’s favorite party entertainment service Dimenzione Danza, a club night for DJs, drag performers and overall freak bitches alike. Starting out just before dance floors were swept by the pandemic, she had to move to cyberspace to cut her rave teeth in the white tiled dance-cube that is HÖR, making a reputation for herself through several appearances that showcase her uncompromising, dynamic sound with an evident affinity for accelerated beats.

At c/o pop xoxo 2021 Malugi and ferrari rot will play a B2B set.

The concert with Malugi and ferrari rot takes place within the project "Nachwuchsförderung c/o pop 2021" sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.

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