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Fri 23 04, 23:00


©Rieke de Vrieß

GiiRL - the duo consisting of Milan Hofmann and Dennis Hölscher - have already played their way through some renowned Cologne clubs in 2017 with their first EP "Drowning". Nothing is missing for the two-man band: the virtuoso guitar playing of Milan and the drumming skills of Dennis provide a unique sound, where both the highest and lowest notes come from the complex sounds of Milan's guitar. Only a bass synthesizer supports the two on stage.

Their talent was practically laid in the cradle of the two. Milan, son of the legendary Cologne music producer Wolfgang Stach, started playing the violin and guitar at a very early age. He also began studying guitar at the Cologne Music Academy at the age of 16. Dennis has also been playing the drums since he was 9 years old. "Dennis' incredible musical sensitivity and energy are an extreme incentive and catalyst for me in this," says Milan. "We complement and inspire each other in a unique way. We don't need clear
procedures, one look is enough and we know where we're going."

The concert with GiiRL takes place within the project "Nachwuchsförderung c/o pop 2021" sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.

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