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Finn Ronsdorf
Fri 23 04, 20:15

Finn Ronsdorf

©Lisa Harres

Berlin - a city celebrated for its hyper-liberated queer culture and sexual hedonism - is the backdrop of 21-year-old Finn Ronsdorf. Raised in a small village in the Black Forest of Germany, he discovered early on that there must be more than a dictated path through life and that it can be found only within oneself. Looking for more than the casual encounters that define so many in the city, Finn's songs question the concept of a love based on jealousy and possession. Why do we flee from loneliness? Why do we look for somebody to fill our emptiness? Why is there a constant need for achievement? Each song takes the listener on a journey - teetering between playful parody and heartbreaking anguish.

Finn Ronsdorf is presented by "Wunderkinder - German Music Talent".

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