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Enda Gallery
Fri 23 04, 19:00

Enda Gallery

©Lena Siripa Kauck

This showcase is presented by The Embassy of Ireland, Berlin.

For 8 years Enda Gallery has lived in Berlin, a city which is itself a character within his songs. Berlin has inspired feelings of spiritual, sexual, creative and political salvation for the Irish artist and through friends and soul mates, who now share the same journey, he has emerged in a state of pure inspiration - unshackled from expectations of the future and traumas of the past.

Enda Gallery is an artist with a real purpose, and that is to create beautiful and liberating art. He takes influence from genre defying artists such as Frank Ocean and Prince - mixed with the deep sincerity of songwriters like Sufjan Stevens, Alicia Keys and even Freddie Mercury. His fresh sense of creative deliverance provides some of the truest realisations and experiences in his songs. Beyond the purpose of Enda Gallery’s craft are his goals as an artist.
To create deep, innovative and meaningful music as well as images, films
and messages that connect with as many people around the world as
possible. To in turn create an inspiring world.

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