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Thu 22 04, 19:15


©Tim Erdmann

Disarstar reads the riot act to parts of German rap with classic diss tracks, which, however, live from content criticism and not from personal resentment. The political awareness behind such lines has always distinguished Disarstar. But rarely has he brought it to the point like on Deutscher Oktober.

It's not about the big theses, the political guardrails or theoretical constructs. Instead, he reports in the style of a reporter from microcosms with which he is well acquainted. With Deutscher Oktober, Disarstar brings his astute political rap to the point in such a clear-sighted and precise way.

The concert with Disarstar is part of the project "c/o pop 2021-musichubgermany" and is supported by the Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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