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Suddenly only digital – successful formats for online events
Fri 23 04, 15:00

Suddenly only digital – successful formats for online events

Analog cultural exchange is still sorely missed, but in the meantime countless very successful digital event formats have been and are being implemented. In this session, we take a look at the musical youth project for young refugees, the "collective practices" event that brought together cultural actors in a wide variety of formats, and the c/o pop itself. What are the lessons learned from all the digital events? How exactly did the implementation go, and what can we take away from them for the future? After a brief presentation of the individual formats, the subsequent discussion will also be open to questions and contributions from interested participants.

Speakers: Andrea Goetzke, Rica Blunck
Moderator: Kirsten Grebasch

This Breakout Session will be held in German and is presented by Bundesverband Popularmusik e.V. (BV POP).

This Breakout Session will not be streamed and is only accessible with registration (the number of seats is limited). To register, you need an account on our Convention platform. After registering, you can sign up for this and all other sessions and also network and share with other attendees. Here is the platform.

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