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AB Syndrom (präsentiert von Deutschlandfunk Nova)
Thu 22 04, 17:30

AB Syndrom (präsentiert von Deutschlandfunk Nova)

Anne Ludwig

AB Syndrom feat. Novaa und Fullax is presented by Deutschlandfunk Nova.

Support tour with Mine through Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with the joint song "Spiegelbild" at Böhmermann, concerts in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Manila - the tour life of the Berlin crypto-pop duo really picks up speed in 2019 and should actually roll with new tracks and first headliner tour through the FRG also directly further.

Sensibly then on March 27, 2020, however, not only the AB Syndromsche work "FRONTALCRASH" will be released, but also the debut "LOCKDOWN" dropped. Webcam release party and swimming with the livestream bring interpersonal context to the electronic sound. Thus the album experiences its premiere in an Ask Helmut-dringeblieben-online concert: generated in the moment, intimate yet intricate, autobiographical and in every respect without double bottoms. And quite as unbearable as first feared,the concert year doesn't turn out to be quite as unbearable as first feared: in addition to another online concert, performed together with artist and futurist Novaa, individual shows, such as at the Resonanzen Festival in Saarbrücken, can be realized in front of a real-life audience.

The concert with AB Syndrom takes place within the framework of the funding project " c/o pop 2021-musichubgermany" and is supported by the Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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