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c/o pop xoxo is a special edition of the c/o pop Festival and the c/o pop Convention in October 2020. As we cannot predict what the Corona location will be like in October, we are planning primarily digital - but with the option of small analogue live events with a small local audience. We will broadcast live on an online multi-channel platform, if possible with an exclusive local audience and supplemented by activities on our social media channels. We want to create a pandemic-proof event that is safe and secure for the audience*, artists* and the team and still fun to watch. Everyone should feel comfortable and remember c/o pop xoxo as a special event.

Experience concerts live

With our partner HERBRAND's Ehrenfeld we have a location that is very spacious and divided into several rooms. So we can easily equalize the productions on site. If events with an audience at the end of October are still allowed, we will raffle tickets and invite a small number of people to see the concerts live at HERBRAND's. Since the safety of all participants is our highest priority, there will be extensive measures for hygiene and keeping distance on site. Here we are especially dependent on the help of the visitors* and artists* - because such an event can only work if everyone sticks to the rules.


You can find our complete program here on the site from October 14, 2020!

The program planned for April can unfortunately not be shown 1:1 in October, especially the many points with international artists and speakers. Therefore we support once again our local scene in Cologne and NRW, but we also cooperate nationwide and Europe-wide and introduce you to great people from Germany and Europe. In addition to the live shows, the c/o pop Festival will also broadcast a lot of video content with musicians* in special formats. You can look forward to funny stories about adventure, sports, animals and prank.

The program of the c/o pop Convention, the (usually) first German industry meeting of the year for the music industry, is also all about pop culture. We will be highlighting the effects of the pandemic on the music industry, discussing the development of music and concerts in streams, and providing up-and-coming bands with lots of tools and new marketing concepts for their changing self-presentation.

If everything works out as we expect it to, it will be a great new event with other, more comprehensive challenges. We see c/o pop xoxo as an opportunity to try out new things in terms of content, technology and communication, to create special formats and think up concepts that would not have been possible at a regular event. We are therefore very much looking forward to the 4 days from 21 to 24 October, even though we are naturally sad that many concerts, talks and workshops cannot take place as planned for April. As Rhinelanders* we look positively into the future and say: "Et hätt noch emmer joot jejange.


All information about our stream as well as program points and times can be found here on the site from October 14, 2020.

c/o pop xoxo combines live events compliant with the COVID-19 regulations with new digital formats. The experimental concept includes concerts, interviews, talks, workshops and showcases of all kinds. Be curious and get ready for over 120 program items!

Attending the Convention Live?

The c/o pop Convention is a conference for professionals from the music and media industry and for young artists at the beginnings of their careers. That's why, normally, we offer our visitors many panel discussions, talks, interviews, workshops and tutorials to discuss current issues of the industry, identify problems and pass on specific know-how. Additionally, the convention always offers plenty of space and time for networking. Since these kinds of meetings are not possible at the moment, we are shifting our convention program to the World Wide Web. Panels, talks and interviews will be shown live in the streams. Furthermore, we will provide breakout sessions via video call software, i.e. workshops, that take place apart from the stream. There, you can examine specific topics, almost like in normal workshops.


You don’t need tickets to attend at c/o pop xoxo’s. The program presented in our stream and on our social media channels is free of charge and publicly accessible. Should the Corona situation allow it, we will give away tickets for (a few) live concerts via Facebook and Instagram. Just follow us! Due to Corona, it won’t be possible to purchase on-site tickets for the Convention program either. Only the Breakout Sessions require pre-registrations free of charge. The free c/o pop Convention Online Ticket is available here. As soon as you have an Online Ticket, you can register for the Breakout Sessions.

Delegates Database and Networking

With the c/o pop xoxo Convention Online Ticket you get the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other participants in the Delegates Database. Free of charge!


The c/o pop Festival and the c/o pop Convention are cooperation partners for three funding projects:


The sponsorship project »music hub germany« has been taking place for several years as part of the c/o pop Festival. This project, initiated by the festival organizers and supported by the federal government, focuses on the targeted promotion of local, regional and national up-and-coming artists. This has always been an important factor for the festival organizers. Thanks to the »music hub germany« project, the promotion of young artists can be further expanded this year: By now, around 80 % of the bands booked for the c/o pop festival originate in Germany – in 2019, around 60 young German bands will be able to present themselves to an international audience during c/o Ehrenfeld. With music hub germany, the organizers of the c/o pop Festival initiate and establish an exchange with other festival organizers as well as with agencies, labels and media from more than 25 countries. The project is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and Initiative Musik. The past few years have shown that the concept is working: several national acts such as The Whitest Boy Alive, BrandtBrauerFrick, Moderat, Roosevelt, Dillon and AnnenMayKantereit have played at the festival long before their breakthrough and prove that the c/o pop Festival is an ideal stepping stone – also for international success.


In 2019, the project »Wunderkinder – German Music Talent« took place for the first time in Cologne as part of c/o Ehrenfeld. It was initiated in 2013 by the organizers of Reeperbahn Festival. The aim of the sponsorship program is to present the music industry with particularly promising local talents who have a good chance of an international career. "With the Cologne edition of »Wunderkinder – German Music Talent« we want to establish a stepping stone for Hamburg, which excellently complements the c/o pop's activities and programs to promote young German acts", says Norbert Oberhaus, Managing Director of cologne on pop GmbH. The following ten musical acts from the »Wunderkinder – German Music Talent« program already performed at c/o pop Festival: Kelvyn Colt, Gianni Mae, Serious Klein, BLVTH, Amilli, Sofia Portanet, NOVAA, Luke Noa, ELI and Moli. Two of these prodigies then had the chance to play at the Reeperbahn Festival and participated in an international project that took the artists to Nashville, Beijing and New York. "Since it was founded in 2013, 60 national artists and about 150 international talent buyers have taken part in our »Wunderkinder – German Music Talent« program. Since then, many of the participating musicians have also established themselves in markets outside Germany. I am pleased that thanks to the extended support of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, we are given the opportunity to expand the program. Thanks to the cooperation with our friends at c/o pop, we can now support even more talents from Germany on their way into the international market", said Alexander Schulz, Director of Reeperbahn Festival.


The »We Are Europe« project is a unique, innovative exchange for artists and the industry with the aim of promoting culture and music. In 2015, eight festivals from all over Europe joined forces for this project, in order to bundle synergies and to bring artists, personalities and speakers together and make them better known beyond their own national borders. Artists from the fields of music, digital and contemporary culture can present themselves at the various festivals and enter into dialogue with one another. Thus the festival organizers would like to set impulses in the field of culture and politics. One of these partners is the c/o pop Festival. During the festival, Hauschka and Lena Willikens, for example, performed and discussions and workshops took place during the c/o pop Convention within the scope of the participating festivals. In addition to the c/o pop Festival, the following festivals are also involved in the project: Elevate (Graz), Sónar (Barcelona), Reworks (Thessaloniki), Unsound (Krakow), Nuits Sonores (Lyon), Insomnia (Tromsø) and TodaysArt (The Hague).

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