Lorenz Deutsch

Lorenz Deutsch

Lorenz Deutsch

MdL (FDP, Member of the State Parliament of NRW, Spokesman for Cultural Policy, Spokesman for Continuing Education)


 Lorenz Deutsch, born in Cologne in 1969.

After graduating from high school in 1989, studied German language and literature, philosophy and political science at the University of Cologne.

Subsequently assistant at the Institute for German Language and Literature.

From 2011, lecturer in ancient German studies at the University of Düsseldorf.

Since 11.10.2017 member of the state parliament of NRW.


Relevant positions: 

Spokesman for cultural policy and continuing education for the FDP parliamentary group in the NRW state parliament.

Spokesman on cultural policy for the Cologne FDP council faction. 

District chairman of the Cologne FDP.

Candidate for the state parliamentary elections in the south of Cologne.