April 22 2022


Gewalt are: LMMS, Helen Henfling, Jasmin Rilke, Patrick WagnerTheir topic: the impossibility and inescapability of human existence. Gewalt shows are often said to have a life-changing character. As if you were at a "Einstürzende Neubauten" concert in the 80s again, Helen Henfling, Jasmin Rilke and Patrick Wagner drag us to an unexpected dark side. Into the noise. Into an apocalyptic rave between Industrial, Klaus Kinski, PIL and Daft Punk. Darkness and stroboscopes in constant alternation, plus Wagner's words, cries of the end of things and of his own. At the upcoming concerts he gives us Rainald Götz and reads as his own support act from his debut novel "Paradies: Gewalt".

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