April 20 2022



On the 20th of April 2022 the first physical c/o pop Festival since 2019 kicks off with two highlights at once: with Bilderbuch on stage at the Kölner Philharmonie. The Philharmonie is the perfect venue for the band from Austria, which has announced shows exclusively on concert hall stages for their upcoming tour. For the c/o pop Festival, opening band and venue are an ideal match; after all, the festival presents extraordinary artists* on equally extraordinary stages every year. 

The four-piece band Bilderbuch from Vienna combines various elements of indie rock, hip-hop, funk, artpop, R'n'B and Austropop with German lyrics, some with a Dadaist touch, to create a driving, danceable sound. At the latest since the single "Maschin" with the accompanying video, Bilderbuch have triggered a real hype in 2013.

Bilderbuch live 2019, Foto: Josef Beyer

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