Die Höchste Eisenbahn ©MarcoSensche
Die Höchste Eisenbahn

The concert is presented by Deutschlandfunk Nova.

The band Die Höchste Eisenbahn started more as a project. First consisting of the singer-songwriter Francesco Wilking, who writes short stories as well as musical poetry, and Moritz Krämer, the two musicians Max Schröder and Felix Weigt joined the project in 2012. Three albums later, you can already say that it is no longer a project, but a German pop band that is unparalleled in the German-language music landscape. The way they tell stories through their music, creating a very personal connection, is special. Their lyrics are often about longing, loss and world-weariness. But at the same time, they are always searching for their own self. Last year Die höchste Eisenbahn recorded a three-song EP with three live versions of the songs Louise, Zieh mich an and Überall.

JEREMIAS ©luciovignolo

If you mix a little bit of Parcels with a little bit of Tom Misch and Men I Trust as sources of inspiration, the result is disco funk that no one can stand still for. JEREMIAS, four guys from Hanover with an average age of 20 years, are probably no longer an insider tip. With their first EP Du musst an den Frühling glauben they played some festivals and support shows for Giant Rooks or Ok Kid in 2019. That the quartet is well received, you can tell already by the fact that their fans sold out 18 shows of their first own tour completely. Last year they released their second EP alma - the soul in Spanish. "It's an EP about love and sorrow. However theatrical it may seem, that inspired us significantly," says the band about their second record. And that's what JEREMIAS is all about: funky and groovy songs that you can't help but dance along to, alongside beautiful ballads that quite touch you.

Martin Kohlstedt ©J_Konrad_Schmidt
Martin Kohlstedt

Martin Kohlstedt describes his way of working as modular composing. The pieces are in constant motion and do not follow a fixed form even during live performances. The success of his previous albums TAG, NACHT, STROM and STRÖME show that his skills are also internationally recognized. With his new album FLUR, which was released in November last year, he continues his previous work. Improvisation is as important to him as eye level with the audience, the courage to fail and the interaction with space, people and context.

IUMA ©Frederike Wetzels

IUMA seems outwardly as a young artist and woman mostly self-confident, but in many situations she makes herself much stronger than she really is. That's why she describes herself as "cool on the outside, a victim at heart". That being an adult in this world is not always easy and can quickly overwhelm you, knows IUMA too. Her lyrics, which she cleverly dresses in a contemporary garb of pop, trap and an avant-garde production, tell us about this. She shows us a self-chosen, contemporary image of women, which wavers between emancipation and conformity and manages to emancipate itself precisely because of this. It all adds up to a picture of forward-looking pop music: Innovation, content and emotion.

Words with Carla Kaspari ©Susi Bumms
Words with Carla Kaspari

Carla Kaspari lives as a freelance author in Cologne. She publishes her texts in various newspapers and magazines. Since 2019, her prose column "nelke-schneewittchen und alfalfa" has appeared regularly in metamorphosen (magazine for literature and culture, Verbrecher-Verlag, Berlin). In 2020, she was a scholarship holder of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the author project "stadt.land.text". In November 2020, she was awarded 3rd place in the Cologne Literary Festival's sponsorship prize. Currently, she walks a lot and juggles a soccer ball from time to time.

Telquist ©Gerbert&Dürst

The concert is presented by Deutschlandfunk Nova.

Sebastian Eggerbauer, better known as Telquist, is one of the most exciting rising indie artists Germany has to offer. With his songs like Mojo or Trash Talk, he has already been able to play his way into the top rankings of the German university radio charts. In them, Telquist sings his usual laid-back, but with ambition to speed of self-expression, demarcation, coolness and the flight to the front. His musical socialization is broad. In his youth he played bass in indie, reggae and ska-punk bands. So it's not surprising that his songs move somewhere between doubtful dejection and pure euphoria.

Antonia Baum ©Andreas Hornoff
Antonia Baum

Antonia Baum is a German author and journalist whose work focuses on rap, feminism and literature. In addition to two published novels and her monthly column "Mein Leben als Frau" (My Life as a Woman) for Zeit Online, she has also written a book for the Kiwi Music Library series about Eminem. In it, she wonders how a woman can pull off the contortion of loving rap while being constantly insulted.

SALOMEA ©Karl F. Degenhardt

Love, respect and honesty is the credo of SALOMEA. Their music pushes boundaries, it is a profound entertainment, it is art. This also demands real listening, but at the same time gives so much. With their music, Rebekka Salomea and her band, consisting of Yannis Anft, Olilver Lutz and Leif Berger, draw a blueprint of the music of the future. The band's second album Bathing in Flowers is a unique melting pot of jazz soaked in hiphop, RnB and varieties of contemporary electronic music.


Bokoya functions like a creative drum computer. The four young musicians from Cologne and Bielefeld improvise freely in the field of tension between repetition and variation. Somewhere between hip hop and jazz. Ferdinand Schwarz, Darius Heid, Lukas Wilmsmeyer and Leon Raum build beats, shape songs, create spheres of sound and pushing grooves - all live on stage and completely connected to the moment. The band's extreme spontaneity creates an extraordinary and powerful connection with audience, space and vibe. Whether on the festival stage, in the club or in the living room, the longer you listen, the more you are part of the whole. And creates a new world together.

Dance Challenge with Flockey Ocscor ©Marquis
Dance Challenge with Flockey Ocscor

Flockey Ocscor is an internationally sought-after dancer and choreographer with great charisma. He is one of the most famous dancers worldwide. Over several years he has won numerous competitions and is a two-time runner-up in the Locking category at the Juste Debout World Final. He is not only a talented dancer, but also an incredible artist who produces his own short films. In 2018, at the invitation of the Goethe-Institut Rwanda, Flockey created a performance of music, dance and storytelling with artists from West Africa as part of the DigiTales across borders project.

GiiRL ©Rieke de Vrieß

GiiRL - the duo consisting of Milan Hofmann and Dennis Hölscher - have already played their way through some renowned Cologne clubs in 2017 with their first EP "Drowning". Nothing is missing for the two-man band: the virtuoso guitar playing of Milan and the drumming skills of Dennis provide a unique sound, where both the highest and lowest notes come from the complex sounds of Milan's guitar. Only a bass synthesizer supports the two on stage.

Their talent was practically laid in the cradle of the two. Milan, son of the legendary Cologne music producer Wolfgang Stach, started playing the violin and guitar at a very early age. He also began studying guitar at the Cologne Music Academy at the age of 16. Dennis has also been playing the drums since he was 9 years old. "Dennis' incredible musical sensitivity and energy are an extreme incentive and catalyst for me in this," says Milan. "We complement and inspire each other in a unique way. We don't need clear procedures, one look is enough and we know where we're going."