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New artists, new tickets!
New artists, new tickets!

The German Hip-Hop-Group Beginner will play the opening concert of c/o pop Festival 2018 at Tanzbrunnen Köln. The first German Number 1-Hip-Hop-Act celebrated their comeback last year with the chart-breaking LP "Advanced Chemistry". Since Eizi Eiz, Denyo and DJ Mad are playing crowd-feted concerts and festival-shows.
Furthermore foremost collaborateur Samy Deluxe will bring his DLX BND and make up and complete the line-up!

Get your tickets here!

c/o pop Films
c/o pop Films

On Thursday August 17 “CONNY PLANK – THE POTENTIAL OF NOISE” will have its international premiere. Stephan Plan, Conny Plank’s son acts as director, writer and co-producer of this documentary. The film, produced by Sugar Town Filmproduktion, offers an intimate insight into the work of Conny Plank, who is considered to be one of the most important German producers in the history of pop music. His collaborations with the greats of German (kraut-)rock like NEU!, KRAFTWERK or CAN are celebrated around the world and are regarded as legendary. In addition he worked with ULTRAVOX, EURYTHMICS and Gianna Nannini.

Following the premiere will be a discussion with persons involved in the movie (tba).

In addition there will be a talk about the film during the programme of c/o pop Convention 2017.

The premiere will take place at Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal at the broadcasting center (Funkhaus) of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk). Holders of festival tickets and day passes can register to attend the premiere via film@c-o-pop.de with the subject line »Conny Plank« – first come, first served; the premiere is an included service of the festival programme. Entrance can only be guaranteed for the predetermined seats.

Additionally special tickets for the premiere can be purchased exclusively on the c/o pop Festival ticket page (at a price of 10 euros).

„CONNY PLANK – THE POTENTIAL OF NOISE“ is a production of Sugar Town Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG and Seneschall Film in co-production with cine plus Filmproduktion GmbH, zischlermann filmproduktion GmbH and WDR in cooperation with ARTE © 2017. Sponsored by the NRW Filmstiftung, the Filmförderanstalt FFA, BKM and the Deutscher Filmförderfonds DFFF.

On Friday August 18 we will celebrate the NRW premiere of the film version Sven Regener’s book “MAGICAL MYSTERY ODER: DIE RÜCKKEHR DES KARL SCHMIDT“ in the newly renovated Cineplex Filmpalast. Arne Feldhusen (“Stromberg”) directed the film adaptation that stars Charly Hübner and Detlev Buck. Cologne heroes like Hans Nieswandt, Wolfgang Voigt and Justus Köhncke are appearing in supporting roles. The road movie with all of its well-known faces and locations shows a lot of Cologne local coloring overall.

While Karl suffered a depressive nervous breakdown on the day the Berlin Wall was opened and was committed to a mental hospital, all of his old friends became stars of the German techno scene by now. They plan on going on a “Magical Mystery”-Tour through Germany with their successful record label, to reconcile the rave of the 90s with the hippie spirit of the 60s. And for this they need a driver who has to stay sober at all times. It is exactly what Karl Schmidt was waiting for, has he is weary of the dreary life in his therapy-flat share. This is the start of an adventurous road trip through 90s Germany, taken by a handful of techno freaks and under the care of a mentally unstable ex-artist.

Following the premiere will be a discussion with stars of the movie.

In addition there will be the possibility to participate in a talk with the filmmaker during the programme of c/o pop Convention 2017. (For which you will need a ticket for the c/o pop Convention 2017 or the combination ticket “c/o pop Convention + Festival“.)

Holders of festival tickets and day passes can register to attend the premiere via film@c-o-pop.de with the subject line »Magical Mystery« anmelden – first come, first served; the premiere is an included service of the festival programme. Entrance can only be guaranteed for the predetermined seats.

The film „MAGICAL MYSTERY ODER: DIE RÜCKKEHR DES KARL SCHMIDT“ was sponsored by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, among others.

Locals & Residents
Locals & Residents

For the whole year music is being played at clubs and bars. Especially in Cologne we consider ourselves fortunate that again and again soloists, crews and party organizers (in some cases in personal union) appear who feel the urge and passion to dig through record stores, establish party nights and are able to encourage the dancing people before the “headliner” makes an entrance. Or to accompany the partying people afterwards into the morning and on their way home.

That is why we want to present you our locals with a couple of words (in a strictly alphabetic order, of course):

Alaaf and Kickin’ – From Cologne’s Südstadt and it’s slanted meadows (Schräge Wiesen) into the world of house music. Sometimes harder, sometimes more soulful – Clifford, Oswin and Simon Hein are playing everywhere where sunshine and love are needed. Perfectly to party on Friday at Stadtgarten together with Pearson Sound, I-F and Acid Arab.

Ancient Future –This crew got together during the wild months at the Cologne (off-)club Jack Who. They founded a label, are playing records and are producing electronic dance music without fear of pop or being cheesy. Sometimes they pop in with African music or rave classics. Alma & Mater, as well as DJ Weemon are predestined to escort the geek house artist JACQUES through the night on Wednesday.

Cologne Sessions – By now the four to five guys (Aroma Pitch, MK Braun and DJ Miami) are part of the inventory of Cologne’s nightlife. No matter if live sessions with Magic Mountain High or DJ club nights with Delroy Edwards, what once started with “It’s all about the music” is still following this slogan today. They are booking events in their seventh year, sometimes against the current, sometimes crosswise to it. They are calling Stadtgarten their headquarter and on Friday they will play there as well, next to Pearson Sound, I-F, Acid Arab and Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt.

Dennis Stockhausen – Even though the family ties to the Neu Musik composer Karl-Heinz are still remaining unclear, the two fastest hands of Kompakt know exactly how to make the dancing mob happy. The sympathetic DJ based in Cologne proves with his Dear! club night that “being a fan and love” are still the best drive for a great party. This is exactly what makes him the perfect partner for the Sunday at Odonien with the lo-fi-house greats Mall Grab and DJ Seinfeld.

Good News – Techno, electro, rave: DJ Brom and Menki are getting started when others are finishing. From time to time some trance can be heard as well. Their main point will be to be certain of their good taste when they are going to party with Alaaf and Kickin’ and Cologne Sessions at Stadtgarten. Sarah San usually strikes quieter sounds – file under: ambient and avantgard – and proves to the guys how to combine complex and darn good. Perfect to maintain the mood at the Restaurant after Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt.

Hade – He was not only “The Healthiest Man in Chicago” (with DWFL), but also did hold up Footwork and Juke when everyone else was still hanging around Detroit. He digs deeper in the crates then all of us together and combines Arabic folk with German wave. Whoever thinks that this is not danceable has never ever seen the notorious sneaker fan in action. The genre busting quality of his music, which is already available as an edit on the label Razor-n-Tape, guarantees that he is right prepare the audience for the “House-Not-House” producers Romare.

Jules – The Swabian based in Cologne has earned his stripes over the last years with parties like Rise and Kickin’; he received his culmination at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf. By now he has his own radio show at the renowned London internet radio station NTS, called “Neue Tanz”; an honor that is bestowed only on very few. On Thursday he is a welcome addition to Motor City Drum Ensemble, on Friday one to Pearson Sound. A secret weapon that is not so secret anymore in any case.

Julian Stetter - Even though he is part of the Ancient Future crew this member of the electronic pop duo Vimes is worth a special remark: If you are only looking forward to Mall Grab and DJ Seinfeld risks missing out on the beautiful guy on Sunday at Odonien.

Laut & Luise – The techno collective from Cologne will play on the opening Wednesday foot to foot and back to back with the fellows of Ancient Future when others already have to go to work. For this move they are engaging Scrouger into action and Dübel to the side of DJ Weemons to play hippiesk dance music.

Shumi – They are coming because of Shumi, they are staying because of Shumi. First and foremost he has been making his mark as the head honcho of the programme of Gewölbe. At the same time he has run a label and lets week after week slide feet on the dance floors of Cologne. Who else wood be more suitable to finish off the night on Friday at Gewölbe for Clara Moto and Roman Flügel? Exactly, no one.


No matter if “Barfuss am Klavier” (Barefoot at the piano) or on the stages of Germany: Every time the four top stars from good old Cologne are playing live goosebumps are inevitable.

We are overjoyed to be able to present the local heroes as the headliner on Thursday August 17. Those of you who were able to see the, by now, four guys at our festival two years ago knows that every show is a real highlight. In addition there will be further guests who will be invited by AnnenMayKantereit; this means that the band will resume their successful series AnnenMayKanterei & Freunde (&friends) at our festival.

This way to get day passes for ANNENMAYKANTEREIT & FREUNDE.

In light of this highlight we should not overlook all of the other smaller gems that we have to offer. We are able to confirm a whopping seven additional acts.

Next to our headliner we can present your seven more international acts.

The Syrian singer OMAR SOULEYMAN, who started out as a wedding entertainer, will properly stoke the audience for MODERAT at our opening show, with his crazy mix of synthie-house, techno and Arabic vocals.

He will be joined by the French loop station virtuoso and geek house producer JACQUES, the trip hop duo LEYYA from Vienna and DORIT CHRYSLER who has been named “Theremin Queen” by Arte.

The The Hague DJ I-F will also hit the road to pamper us with his mixture of happy italo disco and harder techno. This will be rounded off by MO LAUDI, who will bring a due portion afro dance and the singing and dancing hip hop ensemble TCHARI SQUAD.

Artist, locations, dates – You can find the complete programme here.

Check out our programme!
Check out our programme!

Whereas the programme has been filling up more and more the possibility to focus on the schedule, supporting acts and headliners, and club nights was still lacking. Today we will make up for this and are happy to present you our official time table.

This almost majestical appearing graphical depiction is inviting to surf and click. It shows you when and where you need to be, when you should take a day off (or “play hooky”) because the evening and the night before promises to be excessive and amazing.

Or you could just check when your favorite band will be playing.

The time table will soon be available in our app as well. You can get the app here (Android) or here (iOS).

Moderat at c/o pop Festival 2017
Moderat at c/o pop Festival 2017

We're looking forward to welcome Moderat, Berlin's supergroup with members of Modeselektor and Apparat, at c/o pop festival 2017.

Since the advent of the synthesizer, critics, fans, and musicians themselves have debated the qualifying mark of what is considered “music”. Can personality, emotion and the human condition be accurately conveyed through electronic and programmed melodies? Moderat says yes. For 15 years, the German collective has devoted its heart to a blissful marriage of majestic electronic compositions and soul-bearing lyrics unlike any other artist.

What began as a combination of two distinct sounds – Modeselektor’s party-ready breakbeat style and Apparat’s breathy, pop-leaning aesthetic – has now become a fully-realized ideation founded squarely on musical symbiosis. The culmination of this project takes the form of the trio’s third studio album, 2016’s III.

III, which featured such earworms as “Reminder”, “Running” and “Eating Hooks”, followed in the footsteps of its aptly-titled predecessors – 2009’s I and 2013’s II – and was universally celebrated by critics and fans alike. The album hit the charts in numerous European markets and reached #5 in the group’s native Germany.

Riding the surge of momentum following the release of III, Moderat embarked on a world tour that saw the group play to sell-out crowds at concert halls across Europe and North America – playing large concert venues to as many as 10,000 dedicated Moderat fans. But a Moderat live performance is no mere concert.

In an age where technology develops at an exponential rate, the band has crafted a live experience that truly exemplifies three of their homeland’s core competencies: technological innovation, musicianship and artistic expression. Partnering with Berlin-based design house Pfadfinderei, Moderat have reimagined the high water mark of club and theatre live performances. Together, Moderat and Pfadfinderei utilized a veritable arsenal of colored lights, strobes, smoke machines, and a stage-spanning LED screen to showcase a dazzling curated visual display filled with imagery inspired by the iconic artwork of their entire discography.

Instead of “pushing play”, Moderat works throughout their 90-minute performance to re-work their own music. They are constantly shaping, stretching, contouring and weaving special live versions of songs taken from I, II, and III. Paired with the spectacular staging and graphic design, the result is a multi-sensory experience that lives and breathes, constantly displaying the raw emotion and personal experiences that inspired the original songs.

Tickets: the lowdown
Tickets: the lowdown

Festival tickets are on sale now. Festival and Daytickets, which cost € 75 plus booking fees are available in our online shop. Festival tickets are valid for all the events taking place as part of the c/o pop festival 2018 and are non-transferable.

One year around Europe
One year around Europe

c/o pop, Elevate, Insomnia, Nuits sonores, Resonate, Reworks, Sónar and TodaysArt are pleased to introduce you We are Europe.

We are Europe is the newly-created association of 8 major European events joining forces in order to promote, create and produce innovative cultural practices, defined by creative diversity and exchanges.

Our common project aims to develop a prospective vision of electronic culture, technology and entrepreneurship, contributing to new social and political developments with an interdisciplinary approach.

c/o pop App 2016
c/o pop App 2016

Download this years c/o pop festival and convention app. Besides the full convention and festival programme, you'll find all artists and speakers, schedules and new bands and music in the app. Download it now for iOS in the Appstore or in Google Play Store.

We Are Europe Night: Middle-East x West
We Are Europe Night: Middle-East x West

Sadly the Brits have said ‘no’ to Europe. Alongside our partners in the project We Are Europe we will work on European visions for the cultural and creative industries and together we’ll expand the network. For example, our cross-border We Are Europe Night: Middle-East x West „Club Middle East“ on 26 August at Stadtgarten, Cologne.

The club night We Are Europe Night: Middle-East x West curated together with Cologne Sessions and co-presented by the project partner festivals TodaysArt and Insomnia. The focus is on a region, which currently encompasses the global crisis. It is not only the historical cultual heritage of the region that faces destruction, but also the future of the currrent generations of artists. Because it is these artists that work in a cross-border, collaborative way, so it is they who actually realise the motto of We Are Europe: „Today’s ideas for tomorrow’s culture“. The co-curators TodaysArt and Insomnia, known for their musical and artistic links west to east and north to south, are the perfect partner for this comsopolitan night.

Some acts have already been confirmed – others, including local acts will join them. We’re delighted to have, among others, Israeli electro hip hop producer and singer ADI, French worldbeats producer, Turkish clectronic Anadolu fusionist Insanlar, and Lebanese techno-avantgardist Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis and Mutamassik, the musical Avatar of Italian-born Giulia Loli, who expresses her Egyptian roots percussively and mixes hardcore breaks.

Adi Ulmansky live | Tel Aviv [ISR]
Aroma Pitch | APR, Cologne Sessions, Berlin [DE]
Burakete | Süperdisko, Türkische Delikatessen, Köln/Istanbul [DE/TUR]
dEbruit live | ICI, Sivil Music [FRA]
iNSANLAR live | Aboov Plak, Honest Jon’s Records, Istanbul [TUR]
Lena Willikens | Comeme, Salon des Amateurs, Köln [DE]
MARAT | Uganda Music, Jerusalem/Köln [ISR/DE]
MK BRAUN | Ki Records, Cologne Sessions, Köln [DE]
Mutamassik | Discrepant, Amsterdam/Cairo [NLD/EGY]
Phillip Jondo | NTS Radio, Salon des Amateurs, Köln [DE]
Rabih Beaini | Morphosis, Morphine Records [LB]
YOGO | The Block, Tel Aviv [ISR]
Young Marco | Rush Hour, Amsterdam [NLD]

Questions? We have answers!
Questions? We have answers!

What's changed with regard to the c/o pop festival? What ticket types are available? Where are the free concerts going to take place? Look no further for the answers to all this and more.

1. Are you offering a festival ticket? Will it get me in to every concert and every party?

Yes, festival tickets are on sale again this year (UPDATE: sold out!) and will get you in to all c/o pop festival events including the open air concerts and the concert in the Philharmonic Hall. Because the concerts in the Philharmonic Hall is seated, separate tickets showing seat numbers for this event will be sent out later.

Please note the start times of all events and try to arrive in good time. When venues are full, we reserve the right, for safety reasons, to stop letting people in. Numbers of festival tickets are strictly limited.

2. I can't find tickets for the concerts in the Philharmonic Hall. When will they go on sale?

Tickets to the concerts by EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS and JAKE BUGG in the Philharmonic Hall are on sale now and are available exclusively from our partner KölnTicket. This concert is seated and seat numbers will be printed on the ticket.

3. I have bought tickets for the Open Air events at Mediapark. What's changed?

Unfortunately, we won't be hosting the open air stage this year. The Shins cancelled their show, Underworld released the statement below, so we decided to move the remaining outdoor programme Rap Am Park and Boy to Live Music Hall. All ticketholders are informed via mail.

Due to circumstances beyond the bands control Underworld's live performance at C/O Pop festival in Koln on Saturday 28th August will not go ahead as planned.

To thank you for your continued support and to go someway to make up for the disappointment, Underworld would like to offer you the opportunity to access an exclusive audio download from one of their summer festival performances this year.

You will receive an email within a few weeks with your download link. If you purchased physical tickets please email hello@underworldlive.com with your proof of ticket purchase and we will be in contact directly regarding the download.

4. Will there be any free concerts as in previous years?

Of course! It wouldn't be the c/o pop festival without a whole load of free concerts. Information about which young German bands and international artists will be performing for free round and about the festival headquarters on c/o pop Super Saturday (27th August) is here.

5. What about late night entertainment? What's going on after the concerts?

Parties and club events are an important part of the c/o pop festival! Our late-night programme will take place at famous clubs like Gewölbe, Jack Who and Zum Scheuen Reh. You'll find all events in our programme on the website.

6. How old do I have to be to attend the concerts?

You have to be 18 to attend c/o pop concerts with a finishing time of midnight. If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult. No events are for over 21s only.

7. I am a journalist and want to report on the festival. What do I do?

Accreditation forms can be found in the press section of our website, along with contact details for our press officer, high-resolution photos and all our press releases. The deadline for accreditations is 17th August.

8. Are tickets only available online?

Limited edition festival tickets are only available from our online shop. Tickets for individual concerts can be bought in all KölnTicket outlets, and tickets to some shows are also being sold by CTS Eventim. We're doing our best to make it as easy as possible for you to get hold of tickets.

9. What else?

As in previous years, there'll be stuff going on during the day too - including another "Supermarkt" on the Saturday of the festival.

And check out Facebook - we'll post the latest news and confirmations there first, so keep your eyes open!

Festivalticket: Alle Infos
Festivalticket: Alle Infos

Liebe Festivalticket-Besitzer!

Wir freuen uns, dass Ihr eine

tolle c/o pop-Woche mit uns feiert! Hier noch einmal kompakt alle Infos

für Euer Festivalerlebnis.


Als unsere Gäste seid ihr natürlich auch zu verschiedensten Partys im Rahmen des Festivals eingeladen, wenn ihr nach den Konzerten noch weiterziehen wollt. Euer Festivalbändchen gilt auch im Gewölbe und im JackWho, allerdings können wir Euch den Eintritt aufgrund der begrenzten Kapazitäten nicht garantieren. Hier gilt das Motto: first come, first served.

Eine Ausnahme gibt es in diesem Jahr allerdings: Für die Kompakt Aftershow-Party im Gewölbe gilt das Festivalticket leider nicht!

Wer sich bisher noch nicht für den Kompakt-Total 16-Abend im Gloria Theater bei uns angemeldet hat, kann das mit einer Mail an office@c-o-pop bis Donnerstag Abend tun. An der Kasse im Gloria zeigt Ihr dann einfach Euer Festivalbändchen und nennt Euren Namen!


Wir bitten Euch, bei allen Shows, die Ihr sehen wollt, frühzeitig vor Ort zu sein, damit wir Euch Einlass gewähren können. Wir behalten uns vor, den Einlass aus Kapazitätsgründen zu stoppen.

Dieses Jahr sind auch zwei Konzerte Philharmonie Show Teil des Festivaltickets! Viele von Euch haben uns schon auf unsere Mail geantwortet, ob sie zu den Konzerten kommen möchten. Für alle, die es noch nicht getan haben: Bitte antwortet uns schickt uns bitte bis SPÄTESTENS 10 Uhr am Tag des Konzerts eine Mail an office@c-o-pop,de, damit wir einen Sitzplatz für Euch freihalten.

Bitte seid dann frühzeitig vor Ort (jeweils eine halbe Stunde vor Konzertbeginn) und holt Euch Eure Sitzplatzkarte an der Abendkasse links im Eingang der Philharmonie ab. Wenn ihr angegeben habt, dass ihr zusammensitzen wollt, haben wir das bei der Vergabe der Platzkarten -so weit möglich- beachtet.

Jake Bugg beginnt um 21 Uhr, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros starten um 20 Uhr.


Mit Eurem Festivalbändchen erhaltet ihr in der Zeit des Festivals ermäßigten Eintritt in die Museen der Stadt Köln. Alles, was ihr tun müsst, ist Euer Festivalbändchen vorzuzeigen.

Für die Feinschmecker unter Euch: Im Zimmermann’s, direkt gegenüber von unserer Festivalzentrale am Stadtgarten könnt ihr mit Festivalbändchen, Pässen und Konzertkarten gültig für Tag des Konzertes zu jedem bestellten Burger eine Portion Pommes mit hausgemachtem Dip nach Wahl gratis dazu bekommen. Guten Appetit!


Das wichtigste zum Schluss: Euer Festivalbändchen müsst Ihr Euch am Infocounter unserer Festivalzentrale im Stadtgarten mit Eurem Ticket abholen. Ohne Bändchen habt ihr leider keinen Zugang zu den Veranstaltungen. Die Adresse lautet: Venloer Str. 40, 50672 Köln.

Öffnungszeiten Infocounter

Mi., 24.8. 16 - 21 h

Do., 25.8. & Fr., 26.8. 14 - 21 h

Sa., 27.8. 11 - 24 h

The Shins and Underworld not at c/o pop festival
The Shins and Underworld not at c/o pop festival

Aufgrund unvorhersehbarer Umstände, die sich der Kontrolle der Band entziehen, kann der Live-Auftritt von Underworld am 28. August beim c/o pop Festival nicht wie geplant stattfinden.

Die Tickets für das Konzert von Underworld können ab sofort zurückgegeben werden. Wer sein Ticket am Vorverkaufsschalter gekauft hat, erhält dort sein Geld zurück, alle Online-Käufer werden per Mail benachrichtigt.

Tickets will be refunded as of right now. If you bought your ticket in a ticket agency, you’ll get your refund right there, online buyers will be contacted through e-mail with refunding details.

Original-Statement der Band:

Due to circumstances beyond the bands control Underworld's live performance at C/O Pop festival in Koln on Saturday 28th August will not go ahead as planned.

To thank you for your continued support and to go someway to make up for the disappointment, Underworld would like to offer you the opportunity to access an exclusive audio download from one of their summer festival performances this year.

You will receive an email within a few weeks with your download link. If you purchased physical tickets please email hello@underworldlive.com with your proof of ticket purchase and we will be in contact directly regarding the download.

Umso härter trifft uns eine weitere Absage:

The Shins haben ihr Konzert beim c/o pop Festival am 26. August aufgrund von „unforeseen circumstances“ gecancelt. So unbefriedigend diese Erklärung der Shins für Euch und uns ist, so sehr bedauern wir diese Absage - nicht zuletzt wegen der Konsequenzen, die sich auch daraus ergeben:

Wir wollten Euch eine schöne und zentrale Open Air Bühne bieten. Doch dem enormen Aufwand für eine solche Bühne können wir nur stemmen, wenn diese an allen drei Open Air Tagen mit dem ursprünglich geplanten Programm bespielt wird.

Da wir aber weniger als drei Wochen vor dem Festival keinen gleichwertigen Ersatz für The Shins und Underworld finden können - und nicht wollen, dass das Konzert von Boy sowie Rap am Park ausfällt, haben wir uns entschlossen, die Auftritte von Boy am 26. August und Rap am Park (mit MoTrip u.a.) am 27. August in die Live Music Hall in Köln zu verlegen. So müsst ihr nicht auf die Bands verzichten! Vor Boy werden Town of Saints aus den Niederlanden spielen.

Wir bitten Euch um Verständnis. Alle gekauften Tickets behalten selbstverständlich ihre Gültigkeit. Für alle, die ihre Tickets für den Abend mit The Shins und Boy zurückgeben wollen: Ihr könnt das ab sofort tun. Wer am Vorverkaufsschalter gekauft hat, kann dort umtauschen, wer im Internet gekauft hat, erhält vom jeweiligen Ticketanbieter automatisch eine Mail.

Noch einmal: Die Entscheidung ist uns nicht leicht gefallen. Aber gleichzeitig wollen wir Euch das bestmöglichste Festival- und Konzerterlebnis bieten, unter diesen Umständen war die Verlegung leider die einzige Möglichkeit.

Wir bedauern den Ausfall der Konzerte sehr!

Freitag, 26.08.


Live Music Hall
Beginn: 19:00 / Einlass: 18:00 / VVK 33€* / AK 38 €

Samstag, 27.08.

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Hush Hush und hhv.de präsentieren
Live Music Hall
Beginn: 15:00 / Einlass: 14:00 / VVK 20 €* / AK 25 €

A-Wa had to cancel their gig
A-Wa had to cancel their gig

Bedauerlicherweise müssen A-Wa ihren Auftritt beim c/o pop Festival absagen. Das Konzert von A-Wa und Imarhan am 27. August wird deshalb vom Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld in das nebenanliegende YUCA verlegt. Imarhan werden natürlich weiterhin auftreten, ihr könnt ab sofort Tickets für das Konzert zum Preis von 15 Euro kaufen.

Bereits gekaufte Tickets können ab sofort zurückgegeben werden, Euch wird der volle Ticketpreis inklusive Vorverkaufsgebühr erstattet. Alle, die ihre Tickets online gekauft haben, werden vom Ticketservice per Mail kontaktiert. An den Vorverkaufsstellen gekaufte Tickets werden dort direkt erstattet.Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr auf jeden Fall Imarhan anschaut, die Band lohnt sich.

Eine weitere Absage haben wir leider von Elderbrook erhalten, der leider andere Verpflichtungen wahrnehmen muss, wir bedauern das sehr.

Wegen großer Nachfrage: Isolation Berlin verlegt in Gloria
Wegen großer Nachfrage: Isolation Berlin verlegt in Gloria

Wegen der großen Nachfrage wird das Konzert von Isolation Berlin am Donnerstag, den 25.08. vom Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld ins Gloria Theater verlegt. Bitte beachtet die geänderten Anfangszeiten: Einlass 19 Uhr, Beginn 20 Uhr. Es gibt zwei Support-Bands: Rats on Rafts (NL) und Pauw (NL).

Das für das Gloria Theater geplante Konzert von Oracles, Keshavara und White Wine am gleichem Tag findet stattdessen im Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld statt. Bitte beachtet auch hier die geänderten Anfangszeiten: Einlass 20 Uhr, Beginn 21 Uhr.

Bereits gekaufte Tickets behalten natürlich ihre Gültigkeit!

That's Rap am Park
That's Rap am Park

Am 27. August präsentieren c/o pop Festival, Hush Hush und Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld RAP AM PARK (kurz: R.A.P.) in der Live Music Hall. Live mit dabei ist neben Heads der neuen deutschen Schule wie Umse, Edgar Wasser, Amewu und Muso auch der äußerst umtriebige MoTrip, der großartige Deutschrap-Alben droppt, Hip-Hop-meets-Klassik-Projekte realisiert und die Massen begeistert mit real-talk-Hits wie "So wie du bist".

Ursprünglich war das Mini-Festival für unser Open Air Gelände am Mediapark geplant, leider muss das aus hier (LINK) näher erläuterten Gründen in diesem Jahr in die Live Music Hall verlegt werden. Das bedeutet allerdings nun auch, dass es weniger Platz und damit weniger Tickets gibt. Gemeinsam mit allen Koop-Partnern versuchen wir aber für das kommende Jahr alles Erdenkliche zu tun, um das Konzept von Rap Am Park für euch an den Start zu bringen.

Für dieses Jahr gilt aber: Kommt zahlreich, so schnell bekommt ihr ein Paket wie dieses mit Motrip, Umse, Edgar Wasser, Muso für nur 20€ bestimmt nicht mehr in so einem kleinem Rahmen.

Rap am Park wird unterstützt von Juice und hhv.de

Tickets unter www.c-o-pop.de/festival/tickets und an allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen.

Cologne Music Week 2016
Cologne Music Week 2016

Über 50 Acts haben in der Zeit vom 18. bis zum 23. Januar bei der Cologne Music Week für das erste Festivalhighlight des Jahres gesorgt. Wir sagen DANKE an alle, die uns geholfen haben unsere kleine Winterausgabe zu einer so großen und großartigen Veranstaltung in diesem Jahr zu machen!

Sechs Tage lang haben sich bei uns Newcomer und etablierte Künstler dem Kölner Publikum präsentiert. In unserer Bildergalerie könnt Ihr Euch einen Eindruck von den Konzerten und der Atmosphäre vor Ort verschaffen.

Aftermovie: Die schönsten Festivalbilder
Aftermovie: Die schönsten Festivalbilder

Wie schön es wieder war: Unser Aftermovie vom c/o pop Festival zeigt noch mal alle Highlights von den Auftritten von Wanda und AnnenMayKantereit bis zu den Gratiskonzerten bei bestem Sommerwetter in einem kompakten Video. Hier geht’s zum Clip.

c/o pop App 2015
c/o pop App 2015

Download this years c/o pop festival and convention app. Beside the program you find artist information, gig news and you can discover new bands and music. You can get the app for free at Apple Appstore as well as the Play Store of Google.

You have a question? We have the answers!
You have a question? We have the answers!

1. Are you not offering a festival ticket this year?

This year there will again be a Festival ticket. It costs 70 euros and is valid for all events of the c/o pop Festival except the two already sold-out AnnenMayKantereit concerts in Gloria Theater. Please note the start times of concerts and parties. We recommend you show up early in order to guarantee entry. The Festival ticket is strictly limited; for all who wish to visit several events, we also offer a shopping cart system which allows you to save money when buying several single tickets.

2. How does the shopping cart system work?

On our ticket page you have the chance to receive a `quantity discount´ when buying Festival concert tickets to different events. Put your festival program together and, depending on the quantity or value of the ticket purchased, there is then up to 20% off. You can find more information and concrete examples here.
Otherwise, there are also the usual single tickets on sale.
PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for Tom Odell are on sale here.

3. What about AnnenMayKantereit? Why can´t I find tickets for the concerts in your shop?

The AnnenMayKantereit concerts on 18 and 19 August at the Gloria Theater are unfortunately already sold out! Even as a holder of a Festival ticket, there is no entry. Already at the launch last year the demand was so overwhelming that there is no available capacity for the performances.

4. Will there be any free concerts this year?

Of course! As always, admission will be free to a whole range of c/o pop concerts. Young German bands and international artists will be appearing in and around Stadtgarten and in the shops and boutiques of the Belgian District (Chic Belgique on August 22nd).

5. What about later at night? What’s going on after the concerts?

We are planning various club nights. Already on sale is, among other things, the Club Night presented by Majestic Casual with STWO, Snakehips, GANZ, Alex Adair and Broken Back. In addition, there is the ever-popular free program from Wednesday to Saturday in the Scheuen Reh.

6. How old do I have to be to attend festival concerts?

All c/o pop concerts which finish after midnight are for over 18 year olds: Those under 18 years of age may attend the event with their parents or authorised guardians. None of our events requires an age of 21 years or older for admission.

7. I am a journalist and would like to report on the festival. What should I do?

In our press section on the home page there is an accreditation form. There you will also find the contact person as well as high resolution photos and press releases.

8. Can I buy tickets online only?

Our shopping cart system works only on our homepage. Festival tickets are also only sold through the online store. Tickets for single shows can, of course, be pre-bought over the counter at any KölnTicket ticket agency.

9. Anything else?

There’ll be a fair amount going on during the day, too, including another edition of the Supermarket on the Saturday of the festival.
The quickest way of keeping up to date and finding out about new confirmations to the line-up and the fringe programme is to check out our Facebook page!

Sold out: Wanda & AnnenMayKantereit @ c/o pop 2015
Sold out: Wanda & AnnenMayKantereit @ c/o pop 2015

Cologne’s own AnnenMayKantereit are without doubt one of the hottest German newcomers right now. We’re very excited to be welcoming them at c/o pop 2015 again, playing two concerts at Gloria Theater.
Both gigs on August, 18th and the second concert on August 19th are already sold out. If you still want to see the band, you can get your tickets here:“Your text to link here…”:http://love-your-artist.de/annenmaykantereit/tickets/

Tickets: compile your own shopping basket
Tickets: compile your own shopping basket

As usual, this year there are also single tickets for all c/o pop Festival shows. For those who want to see more concerts, there are two other options.

On the one hand, we have a strictly limited Festival ticket for 70 euros for all events. If we know you well, that will be sold out very quickly, so for the first time this year we are offering a quantity discount.

You can choose from the concerts and parties on offer in our shopping cart. The more tickets for the various events you buy the more discount you get!

An example: You want to hear Wanda, Rhye and Son Lux. The three individual tickets together cost 55 Euro, and we are giving a discount of 7.5%. That´s about 50.90 euros for the three tickets. If you also want to see/hear Feine Sahne Fischfilet, for the four tickets purchased you get 10% off.

Just check out here for which concerts the shopping cart system applies. Put your own c/o pop package together and save up to 15%.


This year’s c/o pop will again host its “festival within a festival” Chic Belgique in Cologne’s one and only Belgian quarter. On Saturday evening (August 22), the quarter’s countless small shops will host an array of both international and local newcomer bands.

Timetable Chic Belgique

Das c/o pop Abendprogramm im Scheuen Reh
Das c/o pop Abendprogramm im Scheuen Reh

Traditionell eine sichere Bank für die Abendgestaltung und der schönste Treffpunkt nach den c/o pop Konzerten: Das Scheue Reh am Bahnhof West bietet natürlich auch dieses Jahr wieder an allen Festival- und Convention Abenden ganz viel Programm bei freiem Eintritt.
Los geht’s am Mittwoch mit dem geheimnisumwobenen Auftritt von den Global Warmers und Aula of Love, am späten Abend gibt’s dann Malzbier & Gelaber, präsentiert von Landstreicher Booking.
Am Donnerstag präsentiert die Hamburger Bookingagentur OHA! Music unter anderem La Boum Fatale live, die ihr letztes Album auf dem tollen Sinnbuslabel veröffentlicht haben.
Am Freitag übernehmen Kame House das Scheue Reh und bringen zum c/o pop Special Eduardo Sadico, Infuso Giallo und uomo di carne mit. Am Samstag folgt dann die 101.io labelnight mit Acid S (live), HELdS (live), Jesus Selin (DJ) und Roughnic (DJ) bei der das Kölner Label diverse neue Releases präsentieren wird.

Mehr Infos findet ihr natürlich auf unseren Programm- und Artist-Seiten.

Covergirls and -Boys wanted!
Covergirls and -Boys wanted!

Our festival campaign is missing your face! Be our posterboy or postergirl and send us your picture (close-up) and a short explanation with the charming reason why it should be YOU on all those huge walls in Cologne downtown, Hamburg, Berlin and the Ruhr Area! E-mail to: marketing@c-o-pop.de till 15/06/15

c/o pop @ Acht Brücken | Musik für Köln
c/o pop @ Acht Brücken | Musik für Köln

Vom 30. April bis zum 10. Mai findet zum fünften Mal das Festival ACHT BRÜCKEN |Musik für Köln statt. In diesem Jahr unter dem Titel »Musik.Politik?« und wie immer mit einigen Veranstaltungen in Zusammenarbeit mit c/o pop. Unter anderem mit dabei: Atari Teenage Riot am 01. Mai im Stadtgarten, Schorsch Kamerun am 03. Mai im Schauspiel Köln und Ana Tijoux und Susana Baca am 05. Mai in der Kölner Philharmonie. Mehr Infos zum Programm und den Tickets gibt’s natürlich unter www.achtbrücken.de

New In: William Fitzsimmons at c/o pop Festival
New In: William Fitzsimmons at c/o pop Festival

Just announced: William Fitzsimmons! The US-Singer/Songwriter will play Gloria Theater in Cologne on August 23. Tickets are on sale now.

c/o pop Highlights 2014
c/o pop Highlights 2014

Enjoy our c/o pop Festival after-movie on Vimeo. This is what the festival looked like last year! See you soon & save the date! August 19 – 23 2015.

c/o pop goes SXSW
c/o pop goes SXSW

c/o pop festival & convention present: Soundfriend – What music leaders listen to. What’s your favorite song right now? Simple question, right? Imagine a place where music leaders around the globe can answer this question to the masses, thus promoting the very artists that make this question possible. This is the idea behind Soundfriend, a new music feed. During SXSW (March 17-22), you can meet the people from c/o pop and Soundfriend, while listening to the “Radio Cómeme Special feat. Lena Willikens, Christian S und Matias Aguayo”. RSVP and more info here.

Ludwig goes Pop
Ludwig goes Pop
c/o pop App 2014
c/o pop App 2014

Download this years c/o pop festival and convention app. Beside the program you find artist information, gig news and you can discover new bands and music. You can get the app for free at Apple Appstore or Google Play Store.


Die c/o pop Partnerveranstaltung CIRCULart in Medellín, Kolumbien hat auch in diesem Jahr ein erstklassiges Programm zu bieten. Neben den interessantesten kolumbianischen Bands und DJs gibt es auch in diesem Jahr wieder ein umfangreichen Branchenteil mit internationaler Beteiligung.

CIRCULart hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren zu eine der wichtigsten Musikevents in Südamerika entwickelt und als die führende Branchenveranstaltung im musikalischen Boom-Land Kolumbien etabliert. Neben c/o pop Convention-Programmleiter Ralph Christoph werden auch viele internationale Fachbesucher erwatet, die man in den vergangenen Jahren auch in Köln im Rahmen der c/o pop begrüßen konnte. Zu den Speakern aus Ländern wie China, Brasilien, Canada, den USA, Mexiko und Argentinien zählen u.a. die Initiatoren der Live-Crowdfunding-Plattform „Queremos“ aus Rio de Janeiro oder die App-Entwickler von Greencopper. Ein Höhepunkt dürfte die von Matias Aguayo (Cómeme, http://www.musicacomeme.com/) geleitete »Masterclass« sein. Aber auch im umfangreichen Konzertprogramm des Festivals wird es einen Beitrag aus Köln geben: das Duo Coma (http://www.coma-music.de/) wird erstmals in Kolumbien auftreten. Mehr Infos unter: http://circulart.org/

Partys @ c/o pop
Partys @ c/o pop

Besides c/o pop concerts there are a lot of partys with a high-profile line-up going on:

Wednesday, August 20:
- Liem and Lucky Charmz from Lehult Showcase (10 PM, Zum Scheuen Reh, free entrance).

Thursday, August 21:
- Northern Light DJs and Lumalama Visuals will play after the Top-Acts Cashmere Cat & Ryan Hemsworth (11 PM, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, advance sale 17 €, box office 19 €).

Friday, August 22:
- Tanzklub Ost Party with FX Gold and Himbeerhans (Gebäude 9, free entrance).
- Niels Freidel (MOUNTAL/LARGE), Ida & A-Lo (MASH IT UP!) und Ōzaka (SOIGNE TES OREILLES), (10 PM, Zum Scheuen Reh, free entrance).
- Fr33M4N and Adrian Casbar from Bassliebe will play after The Glitch Mob and Overwerk (11 PM, Wartesaal am Dom, advance sale 20 €, box office 26 €).

Saturday, August 23:
- Souleil and O du Cologne from Silberschwein will play after Kele Okereke and Rone (11 PM, Wartesaal am Dom, advance sale 14 €, box office 17 €).
- Trap City Night with Yellow Claw, Just Blaze and Ganz (12 PM, Bootshaus, box office 12 €).
- Oracles DJ-Team (10 PM, Zum Scheuen Reh, free entrance).

Rone cancels for today!
Rone cancels for today!
Gonjasufi Tour cancelled, Kele Okerekes show will be at Stadtgarten instead of Wartesaal
Gonjasufi Tour cancelled, Kele Okerekes show will be at Stadtgarten instead of Wartesaal

Schlechte Nachrichten erreichen uns gerade aus Amerika: Gonjasufi muss seine komplette geplante Europatour absagen und wird deshalb leider auch nicht am 23. August beim c/o pop Festival auftreten.

Bereits gekaufte Karten können online oder am VVK-Schalter ab sofort zurückgegeben und erstattet werden.

Hier das Statement seines Managements im Wortlaut:
“With sincere regret, unsurmountable official bureaucracy and logistical complications have forced the cancellation of the upcoming tour for Gonjasufi with Skrapez.
Management and artist have tried every conceivable option to fulfill obligations however somethings at times are beyond our fingers. Heads were burning in looking at ways around the wall erected in front of us, however we are going to attack it again, just not now.
On the positive, Gonjasufi completed his new album, will spend the time he should have been on tour, in the studio, banging keys and sticks against skins and dancing with the demons on two more side projects.

Thank you to all that tried to bring Gonjasufi to the neighbourhood,
Respect – Dave Watts / Ear Conditioning”

Die im Anschluss an das Gonjasufi-Konzert geplante Dorfjungs-Party im Stadtgarten Saal fällt damit leider auch aus.

Der Stadtgarten Saal an der schönen Festivalzentrale rund um die Venloer Straße bleibt aber natürlich am Samstag Abend der c/o pop nicht leer: Die Auftritte von Kele Okereke und Rone sowie die DJ-Sets der Silberschwein-Crew am 23. August werden deshalb vom Wartesaal am Dom in den Stadtgarten verlegt! Tickets behalten natürlich ihre Gültigkeit, Beginn ist weiterhin 23 Uhr!

You have a question? We have the answers!
What has changed at the c/o pop festival? What tickets will be available and when, and is the line up likely to change? Where are the free concerts taking place? Find out here.

1. Are you not offering a festival ticket this year?

- No. The classic festival ticket of previous years is not on offer this time round. Tickets can be bought for each concert individually, or you can choose one of our “3D” packages.

2. What packages are on offer and why can’t I choose the concerts myself?

- Our three packages take account of varying tastes in music:
The Dance Package for € 42 + booking fees includes:

MOUNT KIMBIE Wartesaal am Dom / 21.08.2014, doors open 8:00 pm, start 9:00 pm INC Kleiner WDR Sendesaal / 22.08.2014, doors open 7:00 pm, start 8:00 pm
KELE OKEREKE, RONE @ Wartesaal am Dom / 23.08.2014, start 11:00 pm

The Discovery Package for € 40 + booking fees includes:

ADULT JAZZ Stadtgarten Studio 672 / 21.08.2014, doors open 9:00 pm, start 10:00 pm DEN SORTE SKOLE Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal WDR Funkhaus / 22.08.2014, doors open 8:00 pm, start 9:00 pm GONJASUFI Stadtgarten / 23.08.2014, doors open 11:00 pm, start midnight

The Dream Package for € 65 + booking fees includes:

WARPAINT Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal im WDR Funkhaus, admission: 8:00 pm, start: 9:00 pm AGNES OBEL Kölner Philharmonie / 21.08.2014
GET WELL SOON @ Wartesaal am Dom / 22.08.2014, doors open 7:30 pm, start 8:30 pm

For scheduling purposes and to make sure there are no clashes, we have decided that the concerts included in each package will be fixed in advance. If you want to be freer in your choice of shows, simply buy tickets for individual concerts (prices start at just 12 €).

3. Why are tickets for Agnes Obel not available in the ticket shop on your website?
- The Agnes Obel concert on August 21st in the Philharmonic Hall is being hosted in cooperation with KölnMusik. Tickets are available here!

4. Will there be any free concerts this year?

- Of course! As always, admission will be free to a whole range of c/o pop concerts. Young German bands and international artists will be appearing in and around Stadtgarten and in the shops and boutiques of the Belgian District (Chic Belgique on August 23rd). Read more about the program

5. What about later at night? What’s going on after the concerts?

- c/o pop wouldn’t be c/o pop without its famous after-concert parties and events. Party line-up

6. Anything else?
- There’ll be a fair amount going on during the day, too, including another edition of the Supermarket on the Saturday of the festival.
The quickest way of keeping up to date and finding out about new confirmations to the line-up and the fringe programme is to check out our Facebook page!

Global Player @ Roxy
Global Player @ Roxy

Das Roxy an der Aachener Straße ist in diesem c/o pop-Jahr das Zuhause für alle, deren Herz beim Wort „Global Pop“ höher schlägt: An zwei Abenden präsentieren wir dort gemeinsam mit WDR Funkhaus Europa Konzerte und Live-Sets von weitgereisten Weltbürgern: Am 22. 08. wird Mariama zusammen mit ihrem Mitmusiker Abdoulaye Kouyaté im Rahmen des Global Player-Abends auftreten. Für 8 Euro Eintritt kann man sich auf einen unvergessliches Konzert mit Gitarre, Kora und Gesang freuen.

Mit Ricki Mandala kommt am 23.August ein umtriebiger Soundtüftler und engagierter Musik-Enthusiast aus Chile nach Köln ins Roxy. Sein Live-Set wird –wie sein anstehendes Album- sicherlich inspiriert sein von der Entwicklung analoger Synthesizer-Sounds. Der Eintritt beträgt 8 Euro.

A brand-new ticket system
A brand-new ticket system

Say good-bye to the festival ticket, this year, we’re offering a brand new system: You can either buy your regular ticket for each concert or –if you’re feeling up to it- we offer you three custom-designed package deals for a very special price. You’ll find the details in our ticketshop


Konzert & Party
Stagelink präsentiert:
Electro Swing Night
mit Alice Francis, Sound Nomaden und Ben Galliers
Gloria Theater / Beginn: 21:00 / VVK: 20 €
Read more

Trap City Night c/o pop
Yellow Claw | Mad Decent | AMS
Just Blaze | Roc-A-Fella Rec | New Jersey
GANZ | Doggtown Rec | AMS
Bootshaus / Beginn: 23:00 Uhr / VVK: 12 €
Read more

Platten- und Klamottenbasar
Design Quartier Ehrenfeld (DQE) / Eintritt frei
Read more

PhotoBookMuseum (the PBM)
Ausstellungen, Workshops, PhotoBookStudies, Vorträge, Diskussionen vom 19.08. – 03.10.2014
Carlswerk / von 15:00 – 24:00 Uhr
Besucher des Elbow Konzerts haben am 23.08. freien Eintritt
Read more

Beats of Istanbul Festival
Afacan Soundsystem / Burakete / Mehmet Aslan u.v.m.
Heinz Gaul / Beginn: 15:00 Uhr / VVK: tba
Read more

Hauschka will play in the large WDR Sendesaal, Hundreds one hour later
Hauschka will play in the large WDR Sendesaal, Hundreds one hour later

Due to high demand Hauschka moved from the small WDR Sendesaal to the larger Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal. His concert will be on Thursday 21/08/14 at 8 o’clock. The Hndreds concert takes place directly after Hauschka. Entry will be at 10 pm, start is at 10:30 pm.

Annenmaykantereit tonight is sold out!
Annenmaykantereit tonight is sold out!
c/o pop recommends: gamescom city festival
c/o pop recommends: gamescom city festival

Bereits eine Woche vor dem großen c/o pop Wochenende beginnt in Köln der musikalische Ausnahmezustand: Dank des gamescom city festivals wird der Ring und die Kölner Innenstadt zur ganz großen Open-Air-Bühne mit über 30 Bands und Künstlern. Zu den Highlights der dreitägigen Veranstaltung vom 15. – 17. August zählen auf jeden Fall die Auftritte von Prinz Pi, Thees Uhlmann, Maximo Park und Frank Turner! Alle Infos gibt es hier. Und das Beste: Alle Konzerte sind natürlich bei freiem Eintritt!

Hungry @ c/o pop?
Hungry @ c/o pop?

You can buy a c/o pop menu for 10 € with your c/o pop Festival or Convention ticket at Zimmermann’s art.beats.burger (opposite to Stadtgarten, Venloer Str. 39).

For example:
1 x Burger
1 x Pommes with 1 Dip
1 x Drink

normal price: 13,20 €
c/o pop price: 10 €

Read more


Each night, from Wednesday to Friday, Colognes „Kinogesellschaft“ presents movies with a strong popcultural appeal, such as the just released new Julian Temple documentation Rio 50 Grad Celsius (20.08.2014). Moreover we will show the movies Kidd Life (21.08.2014) and Decoder (22.08.2014).

All movies will start at 9:30 pm. Entrance fee is 6 Euro.

There you go - The c/o pop venues 2014
There you go - The c/o pop venues 2014

Since 2004 Cologne downtown is our c/o pop festival homebase. In addition to our beloved festival headquarters around Stadtgarten at Venloer Strasse, you’ll get to experience a very different part of Cologne this year, as three of our venues are located near the monumental Cologne Cathedral: Concerts will take place at the Philharmonie, the WDR Sendesaal (public german broadcasting service) and the Wartesaal, the former waiting room at Cologne Main Station.

Weekend Show cancelled
Weekend Show cancelled

Weekend cancelled his show at c/o pop Festival, because of schedule difficulties. But you can see him in Cologne one week earlier (15 August) at gamescom Festival. Already purchased tickets can be returned at a retail location or online.


Here we go again! Our line-up for this year’s festival is nearly complete. New confirmations include Isaac Delusion from Paris, who will be supporting Mount Kimbie at Wartesaal (21/08), as well as Cologne Youngsters Sparkling who will be opening for the fabulous and much-hyped Adult Jazz from Leeds at Studio 672 (21/08) and Bar from Dusseldorf as support for Larry Gus (20/08).
Other just confirmed acts and party crews are: Birdy Hunt from France at Red Bull Tourbus (22/08), Dorfjungs (21/08) and Lehult Showcase (20/08) at Scheues Reh.

New confirmations and great shows for free!
New confirmations and great shows for free!

c/o pop Festival continues to grow: Apart from headlining shows like Elbow, Kelis and Warpaint you can discover brilliant new acts. One evening we are very much looking forward to „Spot on Denmark“ on August 22 with great Danish newcomers like Kill J, Blaue Blume, Asbjørn und Julias Moon at Studio 672, Cologne.

Another for-free-highlight at our festival headquarters at Stadtgarten will certainly be the “popNRW“-evening with young and promising bands from North-Rhine-Westphalia like Ωracles and Wyoming.

You are looking for some open air concerts for free? Hans-Böckler-Platz close to Stadtgarten is the place to be. c/o pop will be once again hosting free concerts on the Red Bull Tourbus. This year, bands like ABAY, Vimes from Cologne and scottish Indie rocker Funeral Suits will be playing for free on top of the bus.

Further new confirmed acts include: Allie, Loifoir, Parasite Single, Sophia Kennedy, Chris Klopfer (support Ton Steine Scherben), Natas Loves You (support Claire) Veedel Kaztro (Support Weekend) and Patrick Bishop (support Get Well Soon).

And last but not least: “Chic Belgique” will offer you once again free-for-all gigs in shops and boutiques on August 23.

c/o pop cooperates with WDR
c/o pop cooperates with WDR

Five concerts will be held at the WDR Studios in Cologne within the c/o pop 2014. Highlights include Warpaint, Hundreds and Den Sorte Skole at Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal while Hauschka and INC. will be playing at the small broadcasting hall of the WDR-Funkhaus. We are especially pleased that due to the close cooperation with the WDR, seven concerts will be recorded during the c/o pop festival. Broadcasting partners include radio stations WDR 3, 1Live and Funkhaus Europa as well as TV station Einsfestival.

The wait is over: Agnes Obel at Philharmonie
The wait is over: Agnes Obel at Philharmonie

We’ve got quiet a few asks about the tickets for Agnes Obel’s show at the Philharmonic Hall and we’re delighted to say: The wait ist finally over, you can buy your tickets right now.

Festival ACHT BRÜCKEN starts today
Festival ACHT BRÜCKEN starts today

c/o pop recommends: Cologne’s ACHT BRÜCKEN Festival from April 30th – May 11th. Highlights of our c/o pop cooperation with the festival include a very special gig at Cologne’s Philharmonic Hall by the fantastic German band ‘Bohren & the Club of Gore’.

03.05. Acid Symphony Orchestra @Stadtgarten

06.05. Kammerflimmer Kollektief @raum13

07.05. Robert Henke @Kunst-Station Sankt Peter

09.05. Bohren & der Club of Gore / Kreidler @Philharmonie

Interactive Cologne - Hack Tech Biz Creativity
Interactive Cologne - Hack Tech Biz Creativity

INTERACTIVE COLOGNE goes to the next round! After the successful start with 3,000 participants last year, the festival is to be continued in May 2014. INTERACTIVE COLOGNE offers multiple platforms for players in the internet industry to exchange ideas in a creative atmosphere, to learn from each other, to experiment and to gain inspiration for their own projects. The conference offers a comprehensive program for designers, thinkers, developers, startups and investors on current and future relevant digital topics – combined with workshops, coaching, meetups, networking and a “Hackathon”. An extensive, satellite and entertainment programme makes up one week brimming with digital and analogue encounters and experiences of a very special kind.


The year 2013 was a very special one for c/o pop: This year marked the festival’s tenth anniversary! c/o pop’s tenth edition took place from the 19th to the 23rd of June, 2013. All in the heart of Cologne, of course, and as always, in places not generally regarded as hosts of pop cultural events, like the Millowitsch theatre or the Philharmonic Hall.

Founded in 2004 as a response to Popkomm festival’s move to Berlin, c/o pop has established itself as a staple on national and international festival circuits. c/o pop is considered a genuine festival for the up-and-coming: bands like Arcade Fire, Maximo Park, The Whitest Boy Alive and a host of others have played the festival long before their international breakthroughs.

The c/o pop festival is going into its eleventh year with a whole range of changes, improvements and new impulses. The most important development is that the event is returning to its original August time slot and will now take place from Wednesday 20th – Sunday 24th August 2014.

Foto credit: The Notwist, Kölner Philharmonie, August 2009, by Tobias Vollmer


10 Jahre c/o pop, 2004 – 2013

The year 2013 was a very special one for c/o pop: This year marks the festival’s tenth anniversary! Reason enough for us to take all our line-ups, best pictures and most unforgetable moments and put them together in a nice little documentary. Enjoy 10 Years c/o pop, especially for you in our digital “easy to scroll backwards and forwards” – modus.

Tickets 2014
Tickets 2014

Patience please. We are working on the best line up ever ;)

c/o pop 2013 - review
c/o pop 2013 - review

c/o pop 2013 – Rückblick – So war die Jubiläumsausgabe

Die 10. Ausgabe des c/o pop Festivals ist vorbei und wir sagen glücklich und erschöpft Dankeschön! Fünf unglaubliche Tage mit tollen Konzerten, herrlichen Partys, bezaubernden Künstlern und vielen, vielen netten Menschen in den Clubs, Bars und auf den Straßen Kölns liegen hinter uns. Die gesamte Nachlese mit den schönsten Momenten des Festivals findet ihr auf unserem Tumblr, die Fotos von den über 80 Veranstaltungen gibt’s zum Durchblättern natürlich auf unserer Facebook-Seite.
Wir freuen uns auf nächstes Jahr, auf euch, auf all die Bands, DJs, Künstler, auf die nächste Chic Belgique, auf neue tolle Locations, darauf dass die nächste Band von Köln aus ihre Erfolgsgeschichte schreibt, darauf dass neue Geschwister zu c/o pänz kommen, neue Länder Showcases bei uns veranstalten und darauf, dass vieles beim alten bleibt, aber auch genug neu und spannend wird. Bis zum nächsten Mal!

c/o pop App 2013
c/o pop App 2013

This year, c/o pop again has a festival app, realized in cooperation with Deezer.

The app hosts the complete schedule, sorted by days and locations, as well as information on the performing artists and navigation to the venues. On top, the app has a built in Deezer festival radio with a mix of performing artists’ songs and a wee little musical quiz.

Short notice changes of the festival’s program can be easily spread among the users via push notifications.

The app is available for free both at Apple’s Appstore and Google Play Store..

Tolle Ausstellungen im Museum Ludwig
Tolle Ausstellungen im Museum Ludwig

Neben großen Popkultur- und Musikevents bietet Köln auch eine Vielzahl hochkultureller Anlaufstellen. Eine der größten und bekanntesten Institutionen auf diesem Gebiet ist sicherlich das Museum Ludwig, günstig und zentral gelegen direkt neben Dom und Hauptbahnhof, und langjähriger c/o pop Partner!

Diesen Sommer gibt es einige besonders schöne Ausstellungen und Performances, auf die wir an dieser Stelle gern hinweisen wollen.

Zum einen die Ausstellung Special Meat Occasional Drink (25.5. – 31.8.2013) der Kalifornierin Kathryn Andrews, die auf der Grenze zwischen Skulptur und Bühnenbild den Ausstellungsbesucher zum Akteur werden lässt.

Zum anderen empfehlen wir die Performance Men on the Line (21.6. 19h) in der Europapremiere. Für dieses Werk hat Fraser eine Radio-Talkshow des in Los Angeles ansässigen Radio-Senders KPFK von 1972 recherchiert und transkribiert. Vier Männer unterhalten sich über ihr Engagement für Feminismus und bringen ihre Motivation dafür zum Ausdruck. In ihrer Performance verkörpert Andrea Fraser alle vier Männer – inklusive jedes Zögerns, Räusperns und jeder Sprechpause – und schafft damit eine eindringliche Interpretation eines Stücks Zeit- und Geschlechtergeschichte.

Macht sich doch zwischen Konzert- und Clubprogramm auch nicht schlecht, oder?

25 Jahre Dour - Ticketverlosung!
25 Jahre Dour - Ticketverlosung!

Das Dour Festival und c/o pop haben sich lieb, deshalb verlosen wir 5×2 Tickets!

Alles was ihr tun müsst, ist bis zum 29.6. 24 Uhr eine Mail an uns geschickt haben, genauer an win@c-o-pop.de mit dem Betreff “Dour”. Erzählt uns kurz, welche Band aus dem diesjährigen Dour-Lineup ihr unbedingt sehen müsst und weshalb. Infos zu Lineup und co. gibt es hier: http://www.dourfestival.be/en

5×2 4-Tage-Pässe (ohne Camping, die kann man aber vor Ort erwerben) sind in der Verlosung. Ihr müsst mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein und euren Wohnsitz in Deutschland haben.

Der Rechtsweg ist natürlich ausgeschlossen. Viel Glück!

Macht mit bei c/o pänz!
Macht mit bei c/o pänz!

Macht mit bei c/o pänz. 10 von Euch können sogar einen Workshop und Bühnenauftritt mit Anke und André von der „Sendung mit dem Elefanten“ gewinnen.

Schickt eine E-Mail mit folgendem Inhalt an paenz@planpunkt.de

Ich mache mit bei c/o pänz. Und Anke und André von der „Sendung mit dem Elefanten“ sind auch dabei. Mit den beiden möchte ich gerne einen Workshop machen und auf der großen Bühne im Stadtgarten auftreten, weil ich ganz toll…

( ) … auf einem Bein hüpfen,

( ) … Witze erzählen,

( ) … mich im Kreis drehen,

( ) … Flöte spielen,

( ) … ganz laut lachen,

und / oder

……………………………………………………………….. kann.

Infos über mich

( ) Mädchen

( ) Junge




Telefonnummer (optional):

Informationen zur Verlosung

Insgesamt können nur 10 Kinder (4 bis 8 Jahre) bei dem Auftritt auf der Bühne mitmachen. Die Karten werden verlost. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Alle Kinder, die dabei sind, müssen die Einverständniserklärung ihrer Erziehungsberechtigten haben, dass von für Film- und Fotoaufnahmen gemacht werden dürfen. Die Gewinner werden per Mail informiert.

Meikel Zimmer

Machines and Jetpacks – c/o pop festival at the Gloria
Machines and Jetpacks – c/o pop festival at the Gloria

Visitors of last year’s Kakkmaddafakka and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs c/o pop gigs at the Gloria were in for a sweatdrenched frenzy in a prestigious old theatre in the heart of Cologne.

To make this year as sweaty and exciting all over again, we invited Danish blog darlings When Saints Go Machine and Scottish indie stalwarts We Were Promised Jetpacks.

Thursday, June 20, dancers are in for a treat:

We Were Promised Jetpacks will be performing at the Gloria. The Glaswegian powerhouse has spent the last four years touring inexhaustibly. In concert, their two studio albums’ promise is honoured full throttle: Relentlessly driving Indierock slash post punk.

Opening for the Jetpacks is a band of full blown Viennese slackers going by the name of Mile Me Deaf.

Friday, June 21, When Saints Go Machine are turning up the electronics and quirkiness notches to a max. The Copenhagen quartet were able to build an international reputation with their marvellously unpredictable synth pop, topped by a voice that sounds like autotuned Antony & The Johnsons. In the flesh, their shows with analogue synths, drums and the androgynous presence of singer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild make up for a sinister and otherworldly experience.

Warming up is their compatriot MØ and her blue-eyed RnB in deep freeze.

Tickets for both events

A Silent Trip Through Cologne – c/o pop und Sennheiser laden ein!
A Silent Trip Through Cologne – c/o pop und Sennheiser laden ein!

Große Ereignisse werfen ihre Schatten voraus. Das c/o pop Festival feiert in diesem Jahr vom 19. bis zum 23. Juni seine 10. Ausgabe.

Unter dem Motto „A Silent Trip Through Cologne“ führt Hans Nieswandt – Kölner DJ, Musikproduzent und Autor – auf einer zweistündigen Tour durch die Rheinmetropole und durch zehn Jahre c/o pop Geschichte. Mit Sennheiser-Kopfhörern ausgestattet, erleben die Fahrgäste eine exklusive Zeitreise. Musikalisch sorgt Matias Aguayo – deutsch-chilenischer DJ und Produzent – das auch der Soundtrack zum Trip stimmt.

Schreibe uns Dein schönstes c/o pop Erlebnis an win@c-o-pop.de (Betreff: Sennheiser Bustour, Einsendeschluss ist Montag der 17.6. 18:00) und mit etwas Glück kannst Du mit Deiner Begleitung bei der Fahrt dabei sein.

SWISS MUSIC at c/o pop Cologne
SWISS MUSIC at c/o pop Cologne

c/o pop Cologne has forged a strong reputation as a festival where discoveries are made. Attached to c/o pop is C’n‘B, the Creativity and Business Convention. Within the frame of C’n‘B, Swiss Music Export in cooperation with Fondation SUISA will once again be hosting the “Swiss Business-Mixer”.

This will take place on Thursday, 20 June 2013 between 11.00h and 14.00h at Wohngemeinschaft, Richard-Wagner-Strasse 30, 50674 Cologne. There will be a brunch buffet and – of course – the best coffee in town.

It is a fine opportunity to meet Swiss artists and their representatives as well as other business professionals from Switzerland and elsewhere. There will also be a showcase performance by one of the most exciting and versatile Swiss bands around at present, The bianca Story 12.30h. The bianca Story as well as up-and-coming Dagobert will also be appearing in the official c/o pop festival program.

Swiss Business Mixer @ Die Wohngemeinschaft (Richard-Wagner-Str. 39)
Thursday, 20 June 2013 (11.00h-14.00h)
11.00h Opening / Brunch
12.30h The bianca Story

Swiss Artists at c/o pop Cologne:

THE BIANCA STORY: Wed 19 June, 22.00h STADTGARTEN SAAL (www.thebiancastory.com)

The bianca Story, a quintet based around the voices of Anna Waibel and Elia Rediger, describe their music as “art-pop”. Signed since 2011 to the German Motor label, their second album “Coming Home” was recorded at the Abbey Road studios in London, no less, and released early in 2012. With influences ranging from the B-52s to the Human League and from Brian Eno to La Roux and Arcade Fire, the band combines a rich sense of melody, especially in their vocal arrangements, with a subtly textured blend of electronic and “organic” instruments. With their recent “M & the Acid Monks” project, the Bianca Story offered an impressive demonstration of the wide range of their talents. With various band members also involved in multi-media performance and installation art, all the different strands of their work were brought together in a piece of music theatre based on the E.T.A. Hoffmann’s story “Die Elexiere des Teufels”. After a series of successful performances in Switzerland, the music-play was performed in March at the Deutschen Oper in Berlin. It contains twelve new songs from the band which are now available on vinyl and as a download.

DAGOBERT: Sat, 22 June, 21.00h MONSIEUR COURBET (www.dagobert-musik.de)

Dagobert sings love songs. Ballads usually. And in German. It sounds like a recipe for gloopy “Schlager” songs, dripping with sentimentality, pathos and all too easy-on-the-ear choruses. Strangely, however, Dagobert’s love songs are different. The lyrics are sharp, for starters. When he does use a cliché, he uses it for that very reason, to subvert the cliché. His melodies, meanwhile, are supported by 1980s style synth swathes and seem more closely related to the French chanson than any German Schlager-history. And then there is the voice – ever so slightly tremulous, reaching for notes he can very nearly not reach, holding the big notes just a touch longer than he can really hold them. Is it all an ironic act, Dagobert’s love songs have a strange and beautiful allure, as if they came from a world beyond internet, reality tv and, perhaps, irony.

Contact: Swiss Music Export
Jean Zuber
+41 78 601 06 08

Cheers! SME Team.

A Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron
A Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld cooperates with Red Bull Music Academy in presenting a tribute concert for the wonderful jazz funk musician, poet and Black Power activist Gil Scott-Heron.

As a special guest, we’re proud to present Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie, surely one of the greatest Soul, R&B, Funk and pop drummers of our time.

A Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron honours this man’s great support of the Black Power movement and his immeasurable contribution to African American music and literature – in spite of his lifelong fights against the demons instilled by an early 1950’s childhood in Jim Crow USA.
Gil Scott-Heron was peerless in his ability to transform the rifts and frictions of US society into the music and words of songs like ‘Winter in America’ or ‘The Clan’. Wonderful albums like ‘Spirits’ chronicled his struggle for survival as a narcotics addict.

Scott-Heron’s influence can also be felt strongly in the German scene. Therefore, it is one of our goals to present a ‘German’ perspective on his work.

The Ruffcats from Berlin act as the night’s backing band. Further talents include Oddisee, Flo Mega, Peter Hadar, Akua Naru, Paco Mendoza, Nelly & Nora. The collective ‘Reim in Flammen’ (Rhyme in flames) will add their lyric and poem interpretations.

CLUB BAHNHOF EHRENFELD (Bartholomäus-Schink-Str. 65/67, 50825 Köln)

Einlass: 8:00 PM
Stagetime: 9:30 PM

Special guest: Bernard “Pretty” Purdie
Band: Ruffcats
Vocal Artists: Oddisee, Flo Mega, Peter Hadar, Akua Naru, Paco Mendoza, Nely & Nora
Poetry Slammer: Bas Böttcher, Dalibor Markovic
DJ: Twit One

How much?:
Advance: 25 € + Geb.
Door: 30 €
supported by c/o pop & Funkhaus Europa

PollerWiesen c/o pop takes place this sunday, June 16!
PollerWiesen c/o pop takes place this sunday, June 16!

Besides c/o pop, Cologne’s own open air techno staple PollerWiesen has an anniversary to celebrate, too! Their 20th birthday will be celebrated with a huge PollerWiesen c/o pop party featuring a high-profile lineup:

This Sunday, June 16, starting at 11 AM, the pastoral Jugendpark (youth park) directly on the Rhine banks will host more than twelve hours of some big shots of electronic dance music.

Spinning records are Cocoon Records’ own Tobi Neumann, Austrian-British Panoramabar veteran Cassy Britton and Russian techhouse diva Nina Kraviz. The celebrated Thuringian Marek Hemmann will perform a live set.

PollerWiesen c/o pop is our pre-opening. Of course, c/o pop festival ticket holders are granted admission to PollerWiesen. Just show your printed ticket/voucher at the door.

All others: Tickets are 15 Euro on location. There is no advance sale!

We wish you a marvelous dancing experience!!!

PollerWiesen: http://www.pollerwiesen.org

Bands for free – The Europareise Showcases
Bands for free – The Europareise Showcases

For this year’s c/o pop anniversary, our two Europareise showcases will be hosting a total of six acts from Poland and Taiwan.

Starting out, NRW KULTURsekretariat (cultural office) and the Adam-Mickiewicz-Institute join c/o pop in presenting their showcase »Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland« at »Zimmermann’s«. It features acts How How, Coldair and Rebeka.

The next day has the Taiwan Eurock Showcase at Studio 672. Riverside Music Taiwan and the Taiwanese ministries BAMID and MOC bring the three thrilling groups Empty Space on a Chessboard, Macbeth and My Skin Against Your Skin straight from Taipeh onto a Cologne stage – Brilliant postrock and electronic indiepop with an exotic twist that will be heard in Europe for the very first time!

Be sure to attend the Europareise showcases for unique, seldom-heard musical experiences.
Admission to both showcases is free!


c/o pop festival’s tenth edition will be opened by an exclusive concert of reggae superstar GENTLEMAN on June 19th.

The prestigious Millowitsch-Theater provides an intimate location for the Cologne native with the heart of a Jamaican to present his new album »New Day Dawn« and also to officially celebrate his 20th stage anniversary.

Starting today, there’ll be tickets available for c/o pop festival’s opening show in our ticket shop. From June 10th onward , festival ticket holders can secure themselves admission for this special concert by writing an email to ticket@c-o-pop.de!

The line-up is now complete! Following are the final confirmations:


c/o pänz: Our interactive children's festival
c/o pänz: Our interactive children's festival

A special highlight for our youngest guests, c/o pänz is our childrenand families’ festivity (Pänz is the Cologne dialect’s word for children).

Saturday, June 22, Stadtgarten festival central and the
adjacent park become both an open air stage for the youngest of talents and an open fleamarket – show us your talent and bring anything you like!

There is also a c/o pänz workshop inside Stadtgarten. Here, kids can try out djing, music production, graffiti, dancing and even fashion design for the very first time. Guiding them are experienced professionals.

Also, there’s the beloved big tombola and a number of guests like children’s television host André Gatzke and kids’ music duo Fug und Janina. Treat yourself and your kids to a visit! Admission is free, of course!

c/o Pänz’ Facebook-event

Sennheiser invites you to it's Silent Disco and DJ workshop
Sennheiser invites you to it's Silent Disco and DJ workshop

Beneath the clear skies, right besides the pavillon of Stadtgarten, our festival central, Silent Disco kicks of on June 22nd at 4 pm.

It’s all about ‘Silent Cologne Summer Sessions’. Additionally, Aroma Pitch will provide answers concerning all questions regarding Djing. Admission is free!

On 22nd June, seeing c/o pop visitors rave and dance with no music to be heard should provide for a truly strange sight. Visitors of Sennheiser Silent Disco will receive the sounds over a pair of wireless headphones handed to them on entrance. Providing their electronic sounds are young Djs and producers Hugo Hoppmann, Simon Hein, Felix Bold and Jannis Hannover. The imported format of Silent Disco today is a beloved staple of many big festivals.

Breathe a breath of DJ culture, get behind the decks and get tips from professionals – that’s what the adjacent DJ workshop, hosted by Aroma Pitch, is all about. All music lovers ages 14 to 18: Sennheiser welcomes you to the DJ workshop that runs simultaneously to Silent Disco. You don’t just get the chance to spin records yourself, you can also learn how to use a DJ’s essential tools: Headphones, record and CD players and mixers.

Mit dem HKX zum c/o pop Festival!
Mit dem HKX zum c/o pop Festival!

Der Hamburg-Köln-Express bringt Euch bequem, schnell und günstig zum Festivaljubiläum. HKX unterstützt uns 2013 zum ersten Mal – als official carrier.

Für alle von Euch, die von weiter weg anreisen, gibt’s deshalb noch einen Grund mehr zum Feiern: Die Fahrt zum Festival mit dem HKX kostet für Festivalticketinhaber 5 Euro weniger.

Einfach beim Buchen den Festival-Code 10.c/o_pop in das Gutscheinfeld eintragen, und extragünstig HKX fahren.

Der Festival-Code gilt ab jetzt bis zum 26.6. für alle Fahrten vom 14.6. bis zum 26.6. nach Köln, egal wo auf der Strecke Ihr einsteigt.

Mehr dazu findet Ihr auch auf unserer Facebook-Seite und natürlich auch bei HKX auf facebook: facebook.com/HKX.de

Adding to the line-up...
Adding to the line-up...

The final line-up is steadily developing towards it’s final form, and we are able to proudly present many new artists.


Nicolas Jaar playing ACHT BRÜCKEN Festival
Nicolas Jaar playing ACHT BRÜCKEN Festival

At just 23, the New York-based DJ and producer Nicolas Jaar is already one of the forerunners of a whole new generation of international electronic artists. c/o pop invited him to perform at the Acht Brücken Festival on 8th May in Cologne’s Philharmonic Hall.

The ACHT BRÜCKEN festival takes place regularly at the beginning of May in Cologne, but this is the first year that c/o pop has been involved in putting together the programme. The focus of this year’s festival is electronic music in all its variety, and c/o pop is curating no less than 8 events, each forging a link between electronic music and other musical genres such as hip hop, house or punk.

One of the highlights of the programme promises to be the first in a series of concerts marking the 20th birthday of the legendary Cologne-based label KOMPAKT. The famous theatre and film composer Gregor Schwellenbach has arranged tracks from the KOMPAKT back catalogue for conventional instruments. The music will be performed in the WDR Klaus-von-Bismarck-Sendesaal, thus creating something approaching chamber techno!

An appearance by DAF (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft) in the Alter Wartesaal, the avant-garde programme featuring Matthew Herbert in the Philharmonic Hall and the concert by Nicolas Jaar (see above), also in the Philharmonic Hall, all deserve a special mention too.

Tickets are available here: http://www.achtbruecken.de

Here’s a list of the events taking place in cooperation with c/o pop:


30.04.13 Museum Ludwig
DJ Spooky
Jan Schulte DJ

04.05.13 Stadtgarten Saal
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit live
Schlammpeitziger live
Lena Willikens DJ

06.05.2013 Kölner Philharmonie
Matthew Herbert & Quartett live

07.05.13 Alter Wartesaal
DAF live

08.05.13 Studio 672
Damiano von Eckert DJ
Camp Inc live
Marius Bubat DJ

08.05.13 Kölner Philharmonie
Nicolas Jaar live

20 Jahre Kompakt feat. Gregor Schwellenbach

11.05.13 Stadtgarten Saal
Moritz von Oswald DJ
Adrian Sherwood DJ Set
Christian S. DJ

Some other News
Some other News

To warm your hearts in an otherwise way too cold “spring”, we can hereby announce another batch of confirmed acts for the 2013 c/o pop Festival.

The new acts are:

Apparat plays “Krieg & Frieden”
Retro Stefson
When Saints Go Machine
Nina Kraviz
Oliver Koletzki
Computer Camp
Aroma Pitch
My Skin Against Your Skin
Empty Space On A Chessboard