Neue Deutsche Wahrheit

Neue Deutsche Wahrheit

Hamburg / Germany

Support Mia Morgan / 22.04. / YUCA / 15,00€ incl. fees

The Duo Neue Deutsche Wahrheit oscillates between painful melancholy and bittersweet romanticism. This inner conflict is at the heart of their main question: What am I looking for? Disorientation becomes pleasure, melancholy becomes attitude. The dramatic kitsch lyrics go hand in hand with typical 80s synth sounds, challenging listeners to let go of everyday cynicism and surrender to pathos. Neue Deutsche Wahrheit elevates melancholy and world-weariness to its own identity. Pompous costumes, shimmering make-up and dramatic poses determine the duo's visual oeuvre. Clubs become theatre stages, the concert becomes a performance. The era of authenticity is over.

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