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What is it like when the home is no longer the place to stay? Or you no longer leave your own room because the pressures of the endless possibilities of our time are too great? What happens if the compulsion of self-optimization only leads to isolation?

“Viertel vor Irgendwas” ist the title of the debut EP of singer-songwriter Betterov, whose extremely focused songs range from indie rock to post-punk and deal with the great themes and questions of his generation. The 25-year-old Betterov wrote the songs for “Viertel vor Irgendwas” alone at home and his impudent talent flashes up in almost every song line. For the recording sessions, musician friends came together in the studio to create a dense, uncompromising sound that reminds more of a band than a singer-songwriter. The EP was recorded and produced by Tim Tautorat (Faber, AnnenMayKantereit and others).

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