Rights & Royalties

Rights & Royalties

Rights & Royalties

Simplify processes, multiply revenues

April 23

New Talent Workshop @

New Talent presents:

What will be offered to musicians with an independent mindset in the music industry and rights landscape in 2022? How can musicians navigate the rights jungle while retaining 100% of their creative freedom, maximizing their royalties, and tapping into new revenue streams? MusicHub sheds light on the rights that can be associated with musical works and shows how independent musicians* can maintain full control over their rights and manage and claim them properly.

How to navigate the complex rights and royalties landscape of the music industry as an independent musician.

Together independent and legally secure? What is your role as a musician and how do partners like MusicHub, GEMA and a lively creative community support you in managing your music rights and royalties throughout your creative process and your "artist journey".

MusicHub as GEMA Venture-Evolution, Vision and Future Plans. We give an insight into our integrated digital music platform and answer your questions.

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