Workshop on the subject of photos for female musicians

April 24

New Talent Workshop @

New Talent presents:

With their photos, artists today can control their own PR via social media platforms. Pictures are an essential part of any good press kit and are also used in announcements of releases, talks, concerts, DJ gigs and on the artists' own websites. The demands on the visuals are high: they have to be eye-catching, fit the artist's identity, contribute to the image, be technically flawless and scalable for all applications. At the same time, they should not only be of high quality, but also authentic and not serve outdated stereotypical gender representations. But what does this much-vaunted authenticity mean? What is it about visual identity and how can (self-)objectification be avoided and overcome? The workshop explicitly takes a look at stagings and realizations of female musicians. Tanja Godlewsky and Katja Ruge clarify in this workshop and give practical advice for the conception and qualitative implementation.

Process: All participants are asked to provide a picture and a song (preferably via SoundCloud or Dropbox link). The workshop leaders will select 5 examples, analyze them and derive recommendations and/or optimization possibilities and explain them using the example. They will also give practical tips for concept development and implementation. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for questions (and answers).

Note: This workshop is for FLINTA* only!

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