How much hydrogen can culture take?

How much hydrogen can culture take?

How much hydrogen can culture take?

The Hydrogen Creative Lab introduces itself

April 21

Panel @
Cinenova – Cine 3

It is somehow clear to everyone that hydrogen will probably be part of our renewable future. But what role can, should or must culture play in this transformation?

The prevailing narrative of »sustainability means abandonment and prohibition« paralyzes and slows down urgently needed developments. More than ever, it is necessary to develop new narratives and experiences that involve the whole of society in this generational task and make it possible to experience that it can be accomplished. The cultural sector can play a leading role in this. However, apart from a few pioneers, there is a lack of the necessary knowledge and experience to implement concrete, cross-sector approaches to the use of innovative hydrogen technology in the arts and in the cultural and creative industries across the board. This is where the Hydrogen Creative Lab (HCL) in the Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit comes in — a central, cross-disciplinary contact point for the topic of hydrogen in the creative industries.

The HCL has set itself the task of identifying hydrogen pioneers and networking them with interested actors from science, research and business, processing and making accessible experiences already made, and initiating, accompanying, documenting and communicating future collaborations and pilot projects.

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