French German SYNC SUMMIT

French German SYNC SUMMIT

French German SYNC SUMMIT

Closed Shop / By Invitation Only

April 21

Closed Shop @
Bagatelle V

Closed shop - by invitation only.

Next to the USA, Germany is the most important export market for the French music industry. With a turnover of over 35 million euros (2019), Germany provides 11% of French exports worldwide. On international markets, French publishers achieved a recent increase in sales of over 9% and generated revenues of €54.7 million (not including Sacem). Revenues from Sync accounted for over 30%.Examples of Music made in France featured in numerous worldwide campaigns can be found in the following curated playlists:advertisings,soundtracksandgame scores.After two digital editions as c/o pop xoxo, we finally want to bring the meeting of French publishers and German music supervisors planned for 2020 to the c/o pop Convention 2022.In a relaxed atmosphere and under the moderation of Ralph Christoph (Director c/o pop Convention) and Daniel Winkel (Head of German Office -Senior Expert GSA,CNM Your French Music Partner ), we invite you to get to know each other and exchange experiences. This event is organized by the c/o pop Convention in cooperation with CNM Your French Music Partner.

French participants:

1. Coralie, Jacquier - 22D Music Group

2. Thomas Lusseau Cristal Groupe - Cristal Publishing

3. Lucile Delrieu Alauzy - KAA PRODUCTION

4. Rose Duvernois - SAVOIR FAIRE

5. Monereau, Romain - The Link Publishing

6. Lefeuvre, Ismaël - I love creative music publishing

7. Gagnebien, Julien - InFiné

8. Levy, Judith - Tôt ou tard / LIli Louise Musique


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