Free, Freemium, Premium (VUT Indie Days)

Free, Freemium, Premium (VUT Indie Days)

Free, Freemium, Premium (VUT Indie Days)

A sign against the free culture on the Internet

April 22

Panel @
Cinenova – Cine 3

Paying for music from the internet is becoming common. Whereas in the nineties, thanks to piracy platforms like Napster and Co., it was still common practice to download music free of charge from the internet, streaming is a game changer. The wind has changed, because more and more people are willing to pay money for music on the internet. Nevertheless, free offers, such as those from YouTube or Spotify, are very popular. This free culture is at the expense of musicians and their economic partners. 

It is not easy to work economically with streaming - not only for musicians and music entrepreneurs, but also for the platforms. According to the UK study "Music Creators' Earnings in the Digital Era", not even 1% of musicians have achieved one million or more streams (a benchmark for sustainable streaming income). On the other hand, an uneven playing field, immense competition and very low profit margins put pressure on the platforms. 

In the foreseeable future, streaming services will have to find a way to compensate artists and their economic partners in a sustainable way. Because new players with tangible, fairer and higher profit margins are already establishing themselves on the market. Existing business models are being rethought and communities are becoming the focus of artist marketing. 

We talk about the next evolutionary step of the music streaming generation, explain how artists can exploit creative work to their advantage and which mistakes are better to avoid.

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