Do I need to want to say something about that?

Do I need to want to say something about that?

Do I need to want to say something about that?

Feminist self-understanding and misunderstanding in the music industry.

April 24

New Talent Workshop @

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What's it like being a woman in the music industry?" -suddenly gender-sensitive journalists ask, believing they've done everything in their power, while reviews still throw around descriptions like "girl band," "female duo," "warbling," and "strumming." "The first time we ever thought about whether [our music] was feminist or not was when we were asked about it," says Daniela Reis, part of the former band Schnipo Schranke, in a 2015 interview about their debut album "Satt," thus running over the feet of anyone who absolutely wanted to find a feminist piece of pop culture. Feminist misunderstanding, then. Seven years later, we are no longer looking so hard for pop culture that harbors a feminist self-image, because artists have had to take gender justice into their own hands. But what do I actually have to do as a female artist? Challenge purely male playlists and festival line-ups, while male colleagues simply continue to blithely occupy them?put up with the same question about being a woman in interviews that has been asked for years? Daniela Ammermann and Rike van Kleef want to discuss this with you.

Note: This workshop is for FLINTA* only!

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