„Danke, gut. Der Podcast über Pop und Psyche“

„Danke, gut. Der Podcast über Pop und Psyche“

„Danke, gut. Der Podcast über Pop und Psyche“

- Live with Miriam Davoudvandi und LIZ

April 28, 16:00–16:45

Podcast @
Herbrand's Rondell

In "Danke, gut." Miriam Davoudvandi meets people from pop culture every fortnight and talks to them about everything that has to do with mental health and the psyche. This can be depression, bipolarity, addictions or eating disorders. Miriam Davoudvandi will be at the c/o pop Convention with a live podcast on Friday. The guest will be the Frankfurt rapper LIZ, from whom we can expect blunt answers, as in her songs.

Her guests include musicians, athletes, Youtubers and politicians. The podcast is called "Danke, gut." because it is the best-known phrase in response to the question "How are you doing?" Miriam Davoudvandi wants to talk openly and honestly about feelings and one's own state of mind in order to normalise negative feelings, including depression, and to talk about them, even in everyday situations.

Even though the podcast is based on personal experiences and not on medical advice, it is supervised with a professional eye by Marcel Aygün. "Danke, gut." wants to clear up prejudices and half-knowledge on topics from psychology, destigmatise mental illnesses and provide basic knowledge on various clinical pictures - in the podcast itself and in numerous accompanying social media formats.

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