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Sugar MMFK
Fri 23 04, 19:15

Sugar MMFK

The new year has just begun and Sugar MMFK gets right into it with his new single, in which he settles accounts with the unjust system. is the first single from the upcoming album " TRIBUT" . "TRIBUT" is the result of months of long self-reflection that the artist has gone through in the past year. 
 "Each song reflects a period of life from my past, with looks to the future." 
 With this album, Sugar wants to pay tribute to all the people he has met who have followed him to this point. Not only to his audience, but also to his family, partners, and most importantly, himself. 
 "It was important for me to look back once completely to understand and accept my new self as well." 
contains the full musical range known from all different phases. Between the Lost City, the Concrete Colony and the melodies we find the monument of Sugar, chiseled from blood, sweat, tears and hope of the past years.

The concert with Sugar MMFK takes place within the project "Nachwuchsförderung c/o pop 2021" sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.

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