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CV Vision
Fri 23 04, 22:00

CV Vision

The genesis of many of these tracks began when CV Vision moved to Berlin 2014. His flat has a small chamber where he could fit a drum set, so he trated the walls with foam, and in true DIY style, dives headfirst into recording these tracks. It was the natural next step on an audio adventure that first began when CV Vision picked up the guitar in his teens, and a couple years later started recording with friends in his home town of Bayreuth. Fast forward ten years and here is his debut - a culmination of practising chops and learning instruments, mastering recording techniques and fine-tuning the CV Vision sound.

It's a sound that condenses elements of acid rock, psych soul, library funk and new wave oddities into a move soundtrack for your mind. It's a journey from 60s west coast LSD-drenched excursions to 80s synth and post-punk mutations. Tropical is a plunge into another time, another music you can simply swim around in and explore.

CV Vision is presented by "Wunderkinder - German Music Talent".

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