Welcome to c/o pop Convention 2021! Our conference on music, media and pop culture offers you more than 50 talks, interviews and workshops with around 120 renowned speakers from April 22 to 24. We provide the latest industry know-how for professionals, artists and aspiring talents, discuss current socio-political topics and take a look at the future development of the music industry.

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4. Three days of music, workshops and networking – priceless! :-)

For participation in our c/o pop Convention 2021 please note our Convention Privacy Policy and the Privacy Notice of LIVETO.

We wish you a lot of fun and send you Hugs & Kisses from Cologne!

In our new platform you can not only watch the festival livestream on Thursday and Friday, but also watch our exclusive convention livestream on Saturday. In addition, we offer many exciting Expert Sessions and exclusive workshops on all three days. In the Expert Sessions you will get short and crisp professional input on a topic. In the Breakout Sessions you can work together in small groups - partly in a protected room, when it comes to sensitive topics. Via an extensive chat system you can join in the discussion and network with the speakers and other participants - all completely free of charge!

If you would like to view our convention program, you will need access to our convention platform. Within the platform you can watch the stream on all three days and join most sessions directly when they start. For a few sessions (e.g. those in the protected room) you will need to acquire a separate ticket within the platform before you can join the session. Of course, these tickets are also free of charge. We need this addition to avoid fluctuation within the current session when it comes to sensitive topics. Here, as with all other sessions without a ticket, the rule is: first come, first serve - the seats to the sessions are limited and if a session is full, you can only move up if someone else leaves the session.

There's a lot to discover in our platform. Under "More" you will find a small platform guide. Have a look there. And if you still have questions, feel free to contact us!

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