Tilmann Köllner
Photo: Philipp Treudt

Tilmann Köllner

Journalist, Moderator, Consulter & Podcast-Host

"Hi, relaxed evening together – Tilmann Köllner here for you with three hours of new music." This is how the presenter greets his music-loving listeners of 1LIVE Plan B – Germany's most listened-to young music show – at 8 p.m. in the evening, to share with them what's happening in the music world outside the mainstream. For years, he has regularly met national and international newcomers (Celeste, Sam Fender, Tristan Brusch) and stars (Josh Homme, Dua Lipa, AnnenMayKantereit) to talk about them and their music. On weekends Tilmann then plays as a DJ tracks that move him in bars and clubs between Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin. With the formats "DISCO SOUR" (Zum Scheuen Reh) and "The Xoo" (Bumann & SOHN, Clubheim Olympia) he tries to refresh and surprise the club scene with an eclectic style between Disco, HipHop, Soul, Global Bass & Elektro. In his free weeks he likes to record new episodes for his podcast "Stereo.Typen", in which he (together with music journalist friend Marc Mühlenbrock) presents the most important and exciting artists* in music history. He is also available as a consultant to companies (such as the French label "Wagram Stories") and agencies with musical and creative expertise, and is constantly activating and expanding his extensive network of musical contacts, bookings and event ideas. He has just developed a workshop format in which young people interested in music are given the opportunity to get tips and insights from professionals in the industry – such as Amilli or Serious Klein – on how to get ahead with their own music and network with each other in the music world. In this context, Tilmann now coaches some of the participants* in his spare time. As a former bass player in the band "Wagner Love", he has experienced for himself how difficult it is to get off the ground as a musician and reach more people without losing focus on himself. Therefore, he strives at every opportunity to recognize talents, support them and bring them closer to other people.