Florian von Hoyer
Photo: Camille Blake

Florian von Hoyer

Chief Operating Officer | MusicHub GmbH

As COO, Florian has been leading the operational business at MusicHub since April 2021. Making it easier for music artists* to be creative and supporting them in their development has been Florian's driving motive since he put his own music career on pause in 2002 and founded his first music company. Since then, he has been thinking and working his way into every possible area of the business: from distribution to publishing, from concert and tour production to digital marketing, from monetizing song lyrics to organizational development with an agile mindset. Instigating small revolutions and driving positive change boldly and sustainably excites him. That's why he stays true to his principle of giving the best to the independent sector: whether as co-founder of Spain's UFi, Board Member of Merlin, General Manager at Altafonte, Agility Coach at PIAS or Strategy and Organizational Developer at Zebralution... he is committed to enabling, preserving and expanding cultural bio-diversity. MusicHub, GEMA's digital distribution platform, provides the ideal space to further pursue this mission.