Richard Wernicke
Photo: Deezer

Richard Wernicke

Head of Content Central & Eastern Europe | Deezer

Richard Wernicke is Head of Content Central & Eastern Europe at Deezer. He is responsible for all editorial content and label relations within the CEE region, and is in charge of developing and executing innovative campaigns for local and international artists. Wernicke first joined Deezer in 2013 as Head of Content and Editorial of GSA (Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Prior to Deezer, Wernicke was the Label Relations Director at Simfy, a German music streaming service, where he maintained and expanded the label catalogue, as well as handled artist marketing initiatives and exclusives. Before Simfy, Wernicke was Senior A&R Manager at EMI Music and also worked as an A&R Manager at Four Music. He got his first start in the music business working as a Label Manager at Groove Attack Productions.

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2020:

Friday 24.04

15:30 - 16:30

How to #makestreamingfair with a user-centric payment system (Dt.&Engl.)

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Nicht alle Streams sind gleich! Weißt du, wohin dein Geld fließt, wenn du deinen Lieblingskünstler streamen? Richard Wernicke, Head of Content bei Deezer, wird das derzeitige Modell aufbrechen und UCPS vorstellen, eine neue Art der Zahlung von Streaming-Tantiemen, die Deezer voranbringen möchte.
Not all streams are created equal! Do you know where your money is going when you stream your favorite artist? Richard Wernicke, Head of Content at Deezer, will break down the current model and introduce UCPS, a new way to pay streaming royalties that Deezer wants to champion.