Markus Linde
Photo: Markus Linde

Markus Linde

Music Supervisor | thag's agent

As thag's agent, Markus Linde has been placing music in advertising campaigns and contributed to films for 15 years. His services include music rights research and clearances. He also is a speaker on international conferences and consulting contributor to workshops and seminars. As a founding member, he acts as Project Leader of the Europe in Synch initiative, a MUSIC MOVES EUROPE Preparatory Action with the support of CREATIVE EUROPE.

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2020:

Friday 24.04

14:00 - 15:00

Europe in Synch (Engl.)

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The economical and creative importance of synch placements is beyond debate. Why, then, is “synch” - especially in advertising - considered “difficult” and generally accompanied by mutual lack of understanding of the involved parties ?
The Europe in Synch-project set out to do something about it - by bringing the parties to one table. What are, indeed, the challenges and what can be done about them ? A 1-year 6-country preparatory mission found out.